ChipWIN-tern Spotlight: Decktonic’s ‘Gulf Coast EP’

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I have a confession about myself: I really love funk. Disco and funk are my two favorite musical genres (since chiptune can be argued to be something bigger than a genre, it gets exempt here, of course!). But unfortunately, sometimes I feel like the only funk you’ll find in chiptune is if you go clean the gunk out of the cracks in your Gameboy that accumulates from years of sweaty hands handling it.

Thankfully, people like Christian Montoya exist. The man of many side projects known to some as Decktonic works hard to put out as much funky stuff under his various aliases as he can while juggling his life as a father and programmer. He dropped ‘Gulf Coast EP’ in February, which might have snuck by you if you weren’t paying attention – which is why we’re here, because sleeping on this is a mistake.


Clocking in at around 17 minutes, this three track EP is extremely digestible – you can listen to it while you’re on the go or for a low-key jam session on your lunch break and not feel like you’ve abandoned an album when you get to your destination or run out of break. The songs aren’t big crazy dance hits – the basslines are simple, the melody comes in accurately measured layers, like some sort of disco parfait (or an onion, if you prefer). The songs always change up right before you start to feel like the track has been the same for too long, so you don’t really have to worry about the kind of exhaustion you sometimes get with five- and six-minute songs.

Unfortunately, I can’t say I like one track above the others because they all have at least one part I really enjoy. The eponymous opening track has a really solid and groovy bass, the second track, ‘Relentless,’ has a really slick breakdown in the middle, and the big floaty ambient notes behind the middle chunk in ‘Collect Call’ project a soothing feeling that I just can’t shake, even if I wanted to. All in all, I’d say this EP is a great way to detox if you’ve been bingeing on Game Boy tunes for too long, or honestly if you just need some groove in your afternoon.

Did you like the EP? Are you feeling… particularly motivated? Because Decktonic wants YOU to remix it! Here’s the deets – if you feel like getting your Ableton on, throw down some beats and send them back to him! But let’s say you’re a visualist – you still wanna get in on this remixing game too, right? So Montoya’s OTHER big project recently has been GIF Jockey, which you can check out on the iTunes App Store and for OSX. GIF Jockey is a program that lets you do gif-based visuals on the fly! My iPad is too old to run it, but I’d be hype to see this in action with visualists come MAGFest!

That’s all for this time folks. Seats out!

Links | Bandcamp | GIF Jockey (iPad) (OSX)

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