ChipWIN-tern Spotlight: Space Boyfriend

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Want to go on an intergalactic adventure? Travel across the stars with your alien lover? Or maybe just have a watermelon party? All this and more can be yours with Space Boyfriend!

Space Boyfriend, AKA Jami Carignan, is a southern Virginia ex-pat who currently hangs around LA when not being totally radical and traveling around for performances. And it’s funny, because traveling for performances is what got Jami into this whole thing in the first place. I had a chance to grab a quick interview via the glorious social media messiah that is Facebook Messenger and got a brief overview of the evolution of the Space Boyfriend. Back in the day, Jami lived in Chesapeake, scooting around Virginia for various anime conventions and shows all around the state. Eventually, there was enough internet fame surrounding the Space Boyfriend act that a tour was planned, sharing the ticket with none other than Slime Girls! But, before Jami got to San Jose to kick off the tour, everything fell apart, and the tour never happened. Faced with a vast pool of potential, Jami remembered all of the friends he’d made at MAGFest and from working at Fangamer (I keep telling you kids, MAGFest makes miracles happen), and instead moved to LA right in time to play a full band version of his song ‘Watermelon Party’ with Slime Girls at Frequency 2.0 and hang out with everyone. And, to quote Jami, “Hey, it worked out.”


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So just what does the Space Boyfriend have to offer? Well, the bulk of the work Jami has done so far is the album ‘Bug Spray’, on which the self-titled track ‘Space Boyfriend’ resides. Says Jami on ‘Bug Spray’:  “Most of it is implied and a little abstract, but it follows the progression of a boy from space, reflecting on a period of which he and a close friend celebrated a beautiful summer, but how he subsequently destroyed it out of his own confused ambition to leave his familiar galaxy and surpass the universe.” So not only is this a concept album, but if you actually take the time to parse the lyrics out it’s actually kind of touching but depressing – in a good way, that is, like Russian literature. On an awesome note though, we should be expecting a remastered version of this album in the not too distant future (I couldn’t wrestle a release date from Jami, but I imagine it’ll be after a few other projects clear up).

In addition to the contents of the Space Boyfriend Bandcamp and Soundcloud, Jami collaborated with fellow chipartist Knife City to do the Heads Up! Hot Dogs soundtrack, and has been active in the live performance scene as of late, performing across the street from the San Diego Comic Con with the folks at ShiftyLook and making multiple appearances at TRiP! Jami’s also did an exclusive track for the Ultranimboy zine, available from Fangamer! Hopefully, we’ll be seeing some more live Space Boyfriend as the year goes on.

And that’s it! There are all sorts of relevant links below, so if you’re a rad dude who wants to keep up on the happenings of another rad dude, then you’d better get at them!  And I’ve included an embed of Bug Spray, for those of you who have forgotten how to computer.

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