ChipWIN Track #10: Pure Voltage by Zef

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And now for the first write-up from the man with many, many hats, Andrew Kilpatrick, who’ll be adding “ChipWIN Blog writer” to his already long list of pursuits (I dunno HOW he finds time, but I ain’t gonna question it!! ;D ). His first post is all about the artist behind track #10 from ChipWIN Volume 1:


Zef, or Chris Penner, delivers to the compilation a track from his most recently released progressive electronic opus ‘Blackout’, the astonishing ‘Pure Voltage’. Zef staples dub influences into the flesh of dance music, whilst heaping on atmosphere until all contenders to his dirty throne choke. Drum n Bass kicks flow over the track like a tightly woven blanket of fist-pumping decadence, backed by a series of un-restrained glitch flickers that flirt with outright dissonance and melodies that hook themselves firmly in place and subtly build structure around a seemingly, at first glance anyway, free-form song flow. His style is reminiscent of the style fast becoming the new definition of what the standardised ‘chiptune’ is (a definition that changes as rapidly as artists join and leave the scene), and Zef is certainly a definer of this newly emerging amalgamation of certain popular electronic styles and chiptune instrumentation.

Being the first artist to have a solo release on the now thriving label, Zef backed up his debut stunner with the glorious and previously mentioned ‘Blackout’, wherein he improved and perfected his developing sounds and styles to great effect. Now, with rumblings of a release with Danimal Cannon in the works, Zef seems poised to place himself firmly in the chiptune lime light whilst he is organically becoming a respected figure in Chipland.

For more Zef check out his Bandcamp and download/spread/ streamwhilstcoatingyourselfinoil his tunes. It’s definitely worth the venture.


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