ChipWIN Track #11: It’s Never Enough by robotsexmusic

- Posted November 30th, 2012 by

Back to back Andrew Kilpatrick write-ups! AWW YEAH!! 8) This time it’s about the artist responsible for ChipWIN track #11:


After the dark, eerie expanses of Zef’s dark-step gives way, RSM picks up right where he left off. Delivering a hard-hitting and melodically-rife cut of electro wobble-inspired chiptune, New Bedford’s newest chip protégée carries on his mission to entice anticipation for his upcoming debut on Cheese N Beer.  Featuring highlights that include a wobble break with harmonizing melodies that wash over the top flawlessly and slightly dissonant chord hits every now and then, RSM manages to stand out from the pack of similarly minded artists each attempting to encapsulate the style that is dealt with here with brute compositional finesse.

Here would be the part where I explain RobotSexMusic’s past endeavours, but alas, this new sun is only beginning to spit its rays upon our collective musical earth, and as such I can do nothing but strongly recommend you hit up his soundcloud for a torrent of other equally astonishing and hook-laden tracks.

Rolling melodies with incredible attention paid to the hypersensitive boundaries needed to create tunes so cheerfully melancholic, inspiring uses of the wobble function, and brilliantly utilized kits, RobotSexMusic really has the whole package already, highlighting how incredibly frequent finding new and astonishingly talented artists is in this wonderful scene.


robotsexmusic links:
RSM Fb Page
RSM Soundcloud

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