ChipWIN Track #12: Tidal Force by Kubbi

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And now for some more goodness from the ChipWIN blog’s latest writer, Danny Pryor!! This time, instead of doing an awesome interview he ‘s penning his own thoughts about the composer of ChipWIN track #12:


…has had a lot going on for him this year. If you have missed anything, let me catch you up to speed: he has released THREE ALBUMS in 2012, Transmittance, Sleet, and Circuithead respectively, and yet has still found the time to play a major role in the Chiptunes = Win community. The original ChipWIN compilation, subsequent Expansion Pack, and the upcoming chipWINter release are ALL sequenced by Kubbi. Because of his work, each track has a beautiful way of complimenting each other nicely. Regardless of  tempo, mood, or melody, each song makes it’s way into the next almost effortlessly. This would be a challenge for anyone when you have so many different artists with so many different styles, and yet Kubbi humbly graces the project. He not only provides amazing music, but gives the album a wonderful flow and vibe that is as important to any album as the songs themselves. If you want the best example of just how good he is at sequencing, then look no further than the track before and after his: ROBOTSEXKUBBIMACHINE.

Now regarding his OWN musical contribution to ChipWIN:

I won’t lie, this was a challenging song to describe. I have so many feelings when I start this track up.  For instance, one of the first images I conjured was how it makes me feel like I was in a submarine, diving underwater on an epic 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea adventure. With the slow build of the drums and the pulsing repetition of each note hitting harder and harder, it is almost impossible to not feel complete oneness with your surroundings. The song then crescendos in what feels like a climactic journey to explore the unfathomable depths of pure joy. In short, it is a complete experience within itself, driving a style of music that will only evolve into a composer of great magnitude in the music industry. The emotional drive in his music allows Kubbi to push through to all forms of music and expression, only to leave a loss of words and a sense of fulfillment.

Fast forward 6 months later and you have THIS masterfulness:

Loss of words INDEED.


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