ChipWIN Track #13: Hey!(No E) by Diamond Machine

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So you just finished surfing the wave that was Kubbi‘s “Tidal Force” and you find yourself coming to the shore of a strange, new place.  It’s a place that fills you with trepidation and anxiety, twisting your stomach.  The melody kicks in as you walk down the beachy island that is this song, and soon you feel less anxious and more at ease.  You come to realize that this song isn’t one of anxiety or tension, but of memory and nostalgia.  It’s the memories that come flooding back to you like an old friend just looking to say “Hey!” after all these years.  This nostalgia that’s enveloped you is what the man behind “Hey!(No E)” is all about.

Diamond Machine

Diamond Machine is an artist who wholeheartedly embraces the idea of music as an expression of his experiences, which he then shares with the world.  A quick peek at his other works reveal this much to be true.  The man not only produces original music, but proudly covers other well known music, as well.  A work I’m particularly fond of is the song “YesterDJ” off his EP Furore, a chiptune cover of the classic Beatles song.  While replete with the nice, fuzzy noise channel, snares, and BRKs that many have come to embrace in the chiptune scene, the song stays true to its roots while being an entirely new and different experience of its own.

That being said, while nostalgia is a big part of who Diamond Machine is as an artist, it’s far from being who he is as a whole. He has stated several times in his comments on SoundCloud that he still has a lot of growing to do musically and he’s slowly but surely making confident strides towards other sounds.  But don’t take my word for it,  let the man’s work speak for himself. This WIP “Puma Child” is proof that Diamond Machine has nowhere to go but up, and that we can all expect great things from him in the future!

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