ChipWIN Track #16: Small Wonders by datacats

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So you just affirmed how sexy you are with Br1ght Pr1mate, and you’re feeling good! Yet sexy is only skin deep and only lasts so long.  What if that sexiness fades away?  What if there’s something more to life you’re missing, something beyond the surface?  As these existential questions start to plague your mind, a tune starts playing and, like the twinkling of the stars in the night sky, its soft melody whispers into your ear and reminds you that whatever this life may bring, there will always be something beautiful, and even simple, to assuage those fears if you just look and listen.  Life may be an uncertain and frightening thing, but its also full “Small Wonders”.


He hasn’t been in the chip game for very long, but Chris “datacats” Connelly brings with him a very unique musical aesthetic to the compilation.  Able to conjure up introspective emotion in a way similar to Diamond Machine‘s nostalgia fueled assonance, he’s also capable of making rather haunting melodies that leaves one feeling a bit uneasy.  That may not sound like a desirable trait at first, but when you listen to some of his darker work, you start to understand that datacats has a very unique comprehension of what it is to manipulate a listener’s emotions and state of being with his music.  This haunting, uneasy tonality is something that’s particularly strong in his song “Return Trip”: a dark ambient track that invokes a sense of uneasiness more common to the industrial scene than to the chiptune scene.

That being said, while datacats can make haunting melodies, he’s also capable of making music that simply stirs the soul and makes one feel surprisingly content and meditative or just straight up makes you feel pumped.  Tracks such as “Cherry Blossom” show off his ability to make music akin to the subtle, touching sound he achieved in “Small Wonders”  while tracks such as “bitrot” show off his ability to make more aggressive, dynamic music one can simply boogie down to.

Regardless of which aspect of datacats you like, this is another up-and-comer that is sure to please, so if you’re really digging his sound, I strongly recommend checking out his EP “Sentinel Solaris” and following him on Soundcloud, where you can listen to the man’s progress and see for yourself that he truly has a lot to offer to the scene.

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