ChipWIN Track #3: Tetra by 4mat

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Hellooooooooo there! And welcome back to the ChipWIN blog’s 51 Chipartists write-up extravaganza! =D Last time you got to learn a little about about Ben Landis, composer of track #2 from the ChipWIN compilation. This time you get to read up on one of my all-time favorite chipartists/favorite artists in general:


Since being exposed to his music live at Blipfest 2011 (Paper dolls x2 FTW!!!I’ve been a die-hard 4mat fan all the way. There’s just something about the way that he crafts those delightfully smooth, yet wonderfully funky grooves that makes my chippy heart glad. Getting a track from him for this compilation was a no-brainer, and damn near a requirement to release as far as I was concerned! Thankfully he made that very easy for me and submitted his unquestionably funkiest groove from his recent album Origins, which can be found here:

Matthew Simmonds aka 4mat has a solid musical history beginning in the early 90’s demoscene. From there he progressed to commercial game soundtrack development, where he worked on titles released by Konami and EA. He’s still best known for his amazing chiptunes, however, most of which are found in the form of tracked music files (modules). His very latest collection of such chippy wonders can be found here:

While I’ve only linked a few examples of his gloriously amazing chipmusic, I’d be remiss not to recommend that you make a point to obtain ALL of his music (and you’ve no excuse not to, as it’s all free). There isn’t a mediocre moment among his entire repertoire, and how often can you say that about an artist, especially nowadays??

And to make up for a lack of literary content in this write-up (I couldn’t get ahold of Matt in time for some direct comments unfortunately), I think I’ll embed one more link to one of my very favorite funktastic 4mat tracks:

& just like that, I’m back at Blipfest 2011, dancing myself stupid. SUCH GOOD TIMES. 8)

Next up, track #4 by Daniel CapoSo beautiful.


P.S. HAVE SOME 4MAT LINKY LINKS:!/4mat_scenemusic

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