ChipWIN Track #8: You & Him by Whitely

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First & foremost, give it up for our newest team member, music student and fellow chip enthusiast, Adam D. Seats! I really don’t need to hype Danimal Cannon or his interstellar contribution one bit more because you all know who he is and how much he rocks.
Although speaking of artists contributing rocking tracks….


Leading with a nice mellow front – introspective even – You & Him opens in a tease of deceptive calm. Yet with notes progressing like an overture of storm clouds against an undercurrent of increasingly warped tones, you KNOW shit’s about to get real. Confirmation strikes hard at the 1:42 mark and, with a knowing nod, the doors are metaphorically kicked down leaving you one of two options: get moving or perish in a hail of aural gunfire. This is strong stuff, the likes of which overtakes you as the tension continues to build from here. As boss beat-downs steadily manifest, there’s enough of a let off at the 3:20 mark to feel a measure of catharsis before the reprise leads to the final breaths of a transmission cut. Awesome.

First appearing as the opening and title track of the album “You & Him,” I can’t stress what a welcome addition this piece is to the compilation. In the words of the mastermind Whitely himself, who was so kind to provide some insight: “As far as the song is concerned, I started writing it as a generic electro-house song. It’s probably my most favourite song I’ve written, mainly because it was the first song that stemmed a new style for me.” Kudos to the guy on a choice that is very much sentimental and still right at home in this compilation.

Regarding the original album, it’d certainly take some oversight not to observe, or at least imagine, that You & Him as an entire work is wrapped in a darkly personal vibe. Coupling sheer emotional intensity with a blunt approach, this is perfectly summarized in the song “Go Fucking Die Bitch.” Nothing cryptic about this album, just pure full-throttle rage and heartbreak bottled into sick dance tracks. All conveyed with might aplenty.

But Whitely’s skill far extends beyond pathos and, though You and Him has the sound and conviction of an album that NEEDED to be made, his other works showcase a skill and versatility in songwriting that would be expected of a composer with twice the years and experience.

Evidenced by his more recent work, Wonderful Life, as well as his prolific Soundcloud submissions, chip is merely one of many tools in Whitely’s eclectic bag. Whatever the future has in store for Whitely, chiptune or not, I guarantee that he will continue to set the bar high and impress. Cheers.


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