ChipWIN Tracks: #29 – #34

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Hello again! Danny Pryor here, ready to throw some Chiptunes = WIN Volume 1 goodness your way!! Here goes!!

ChipWIN Track 29: Super Danger Casper – Berbaris Satu Arah 

First on deck for my series of write ups is the track from Super Danger Casper, a six person band from Bekasi, Indonesia. They bring a fun mix of a heavy guitars, poppy synths, and some amazing vocal harmonizing, proving once again that video game sounds are appropriate in all musical settings.  One of the members of the band, Leo Avero aka SingKongBalado, also has a track on the ChipWIN Expansion Pack, which is a complete departure from the music he and his band mates are currently working on.

ChipWIN Track 30: Xenon Odyssey – Quotidian

If a Mega Man had a baby with Shnabubula and they used a Nintendo Entertainment System for protection, this would be the result. With some well timed breakdowns, groovy leads, and an awesome array off arps, Xenon Odyssey should be writing the video game soundtrack for every game I play…ever. Check out his recent album Fountainhead, which is a culmination of all the expansion sound chips the NES had to offer.

ChipWIN Track 31: Inverse Phase – Three-stage

Inverse Phase, time and time (and time) again, has proven that he is a master of the pulse wave and this track is no exception. Seemingly Castlevania-esque it’s approach, the song creates an eerie atmosphere with some melodic leads and arps, yet progresses in it’s journey with some amazing drum patterns that leave the listener with a sense of hope for our hero. The song has an amazing blend of pulse chords, beautifully blended progressing melodies, all to a wonderfully laid out drum beat that moves with the intensity of the song.

ChipWIN Track 32: Kitty On My Head (K.O.M.H.) – Kogeki no Kiken

Another phenomenal artist from Jakarta, Indonesia, Kitty On My Head (K.O.M.H.) is a Co-Founder of the Facebook group East Java Chiptunes, and was nominated for “Best New Artist” at the World Wide Chiptunes Awards in 2012.  His high energy track, laid out to a 4/4 beat, will immediately get you dancing, as will any other track off his EP Supernova, which was released last November. I was fortunate enough to do a track with him called Sea Fighters, which I implore you to check out while you’re at it!

ChipWIN Track 33: Phonetic Hero – Bat Outta Hell

Phonetic Hero, based out of Lawerence, Kansas, shows a special emphasis towards progression and melody with his track Bat Outta Hell. From the very start, you can tell this artist is out to create an environment that drives emotion into your ears. From the crashing break beat drums, to the evil, sliding sounds found at the end of the track, each instrument is used to envelop fear into the hearts of all who dare to listen. He recently released a 6 track album called Sliced Bread: Uncrusted, complete with Adventure Time artwork for all to enjoy!

ChipWIN Track 34: Abducted by Sharks – Late To The Party

A one man, cyberpunk band from Seattle Washington, Abducted by Sharks proves that not all chiptunes are created equal. The driving bass and guitar throughout the song gives a grungy feel, while the chippy high notes lends to the song’s adventurous/badassness as if you were seconds away from the biggest boss battle of your life. His newest album, Ronin, is described as a “dark, gritty ride through the seedy underbelly of a futuristic dystopia”, AKA holy crap this is good.


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