chipWINter time, baby!!! ^_^

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Sup y’all? =D Hoodie here. As long as my fabulous ass has been around this erf, I’ve been a fan of holiday music. *Especially* that around Christmas time. It’s just so chock fulla happy & joy & goodness & EGGNOG! (I LOVE SPICEY WINTERY BOOZE~!!! :3 ). & I’m pretty sure a good bunch of y’all feel the same gorram way (except for Zio of course ;3 ♥ ). So with that said…



On December 10th, 14 brand spankin’ new frosty chipjams on this very *FIRST* themed ChipWIN compilation from 14 different artists for you to wrap presents/hang with your family, friends, xbox Live peoples/buy lots of BS/get drunk as furk offa eggnog & pass out in the snow to!!!

(yes, at one point it was going to be 12 tracks ala 12 days of Christmas BUT FURK THAT WHEN YOU CAN HAVE 14 DAYS/TRACKS/WUTEHFUKEVAR, AMIRITE??? IAMRITE.)

As always, there’ll be a listening/release party on 8 Bit Power Hour at 9pm EST on 8bitx before we cut lose the chippy wonderfulness to the intertoobs! Join Obtuse & myself in chat and on the stream as we play the entire album and have a *HELLUVA* good time!!! ^_^

Fb event link –

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