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And we’re back! Greetings to all of you lovely ChipWINners, I hope that you’ve been having a wonderful holiday season. As many of you are probably aware, Christmas came early for us this month with the release of ‘HEART ON WAVE’ via ZOOM LENS. This was a highly anticipated follow-up release from Slime Girls since their instant classic debut EP ‘Vacation Wasteland’ way back in 2012. While ‘HEART ON WAVE’ is technically a single, a B-side, and 5 excellent remixes from renowned chip musicians, new Slime Girls is always a reason to celebrate. And with a collection of tracks as strong as this, I couldn’t let 2014 come to a close without highlighting it here on the ChipWIN blog.

0004117280_100Basing a release on two tracks can be a risky proposition, but Slime Girls pulls it off with panache as these are two of Pedro Silva’s finest compositions to date.

The title track cascades upon the listener’s ears like some kind of chiptune waterfall of WIN. Instantly danceable with just a touch of melancholy, ‘HEART ON WAVE’ reminds us why we fell in love with Slime Girls in the first place. Harnessing a driving dance beat and a deliciously warm bassline, this track segues seamlessly between soft and moody moments to its catchy as hell, staccato-laden chorus. Fused with a constant IV drip of the blip, this heart (on wave) has a pulse (wave).

‘Video Girl’ starts out with a forlorn intro that gradually builds over the first minute before falling into its main groove. Once the percussion is introduced and the main melody kicks in, the full soundscape is realized, complete with undulating distortion, call and response background effects, and some of the most heartfelt and emotive chipsounds that I have ever heard. Midway through, the listener is given a moment of respite as the aforementioned elements drop off in order to place emphasis on the sweetly high-pitched melody. The listener is then granted sweet release at 2:45 as said elements climax and coalesce together once again to give a strong finish to what is probably my favorite Slime Girls track.

a3767567635_10There are some excellent remixes that follow which elevate the EP to a solid and very repeatable listening experience. SYNCHRONICITY‘s take on ‘HEART ON WAVE’ fuses techno with even more J-Pop influence to produce an extremely polished remix. The ethereal and windswept break at the midpoint of the track gives me chills everytime.

astroskeleton follows it up with an awesome, one-of-a-kind remix filled with extremely phat bass, powerful percussion, and assorted voice samples. Once the “hey”s kick in at 2:25, you’ve got no choice but to raise that roof. Even more impressive is that such a badass remix is made without even touching ‘HEART ON WAVE’s chorus.

kanon_kid takes an ambient/trance approach to ‘Video Girl’ to great effect. Claps, hi-hats, rolling arps, and ghostly pads add an ethereal atmosphere to an already excellent track.
Form & Shape‘s remix comes right out of the gate with a wall of sound that somehow simultaneously softens and strengthens ‘Video Girl’. What results is the very definition of lush. Petriform finishes off the ‘Video Girl’ remixes with a version that strays the farthest from the source material and experiments in new and exciting ways in a style that is uniquely his own. I mean, that intro has Petriform written all over it, and the track that follows has such a glorious 80’s vibe to it that makes you want to dance the night away.

With the release of ‘HEART ON WAVE’, Slime Girls seems to have moved slightly from the surf rock / chip punk sound of ‘Vacation Wasteland’ and adopted more J-Pop sensibilities, while not only retaining but enhancing the extremely heartfelt execution of their music. The return of Slime Girls doesn’t end with ‘HEART ON WAVE’, either! You simply must check out their collaboration with motherfucking Danimal Cannon on the track ‘Cherry Bomb’ which can be found on the recently released compilation album ‘Digital Disconnect’. Also, according to Slime Girls’ tumblr, expect a new double A-side single as well as new merch and apparel early next year. And let’s not forget about Freq.Fest. 4.0! Yes indeed, there is much to look forward to in 2015. In the meantime, keep your heart and hands held high!


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