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Greetings, everyone! New writer Chris Krogsgard here, ready to spread even more chip love to all you beautiful people and overtake Kuma and Kilpatrick as the most bizarre K-name on the blog. It’s an honor and a privilege to increase my involvement with one of the greatest communities of artists and fans on the planet here at the ChipWIN blog. I don’t plan on stopping until everyone around the world comes to love and appreciate chipmusic and all of the wonderfully varied styles contained within. Get comfy, it might take a while…

Less than two months after releasing the superlative ‘Melancholy’, ever-prolific WMD has graced us with a new EP. In the decidedly lo-fi ‘Songs About Ruby’, WMD employs rich, dark textures and a reduced emphasis on chip elements. What results is a deeply personal and evocative experience.

A searing soundscape reminiscent of Boards of Canada gives way to the subaquatic tones of ‘Ocean Dream’. The dreamlike atmosphere created here and throughout “…Ruby” is stirring and ethereal with a strong sense of longing. One gets the sense while listening that each song is a new and meaningful insight into the artists’ thoughts.  In ‘We Were This Close’, bongos punctuate a warm groove and the interjected voice sample used is poignant.

The melancholic atmosphere adopts a broader, more cosmic tone near the second half of this EP. Headphone users are particularly rewarded with the pulsating vibes throughout ‘Deafening Whispers’, as well as majestic synth pads in ‘Where Are You Going’. The sonic imagery here evokes shooting stars and vast expanses, while the overall sound remains grounded and genuine.  Each new track creates soothing waves of sound which lull the listener into a chilled and hypnotic state. It is the album finisher ‘Coastal Forest’, however, that reverberates and continues to seep into the subconscious. The expressiveness and sonic imagery contained within this track is such that you can sense the morning fog and the lone buoy in the distance.

‘Songs About Ruby’ has a forlorn beauty that absolutely must be heard. Its ambience encourages quiet introspection; no other chip artist leaves me feeling quite the way that WMD does, and he absolutely deserves your attention. Tightly focused and hauntingly expressive, his voluminous output has never suffered a dip in quality. This isn’t music that you just listen to, but rather music that you connect with.

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