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Hey ChipWINNERS! PixelRecall’s rolling out part 2 of the DESKPOP & ChipWIN full album breakdown! If you missed Part 1, catch up on the first half and then dive into the back eight featured below!

‘Fairy Fountains’ by Morgan Lapis features a sweet jazz feel with a laid-back drum kit keeping time under a quirky chirping melody. The soundscape fills with blanketing waves of synth swells as hi-hats feature prominently. Light and laid-back, Lapis slips and slides through pockets of deliberate design as ‘Fairy Fountains’ shifts from ethereal tranquility to boisterous adventure. Simply put, ‘Fairy Fountains’ is a taste of unabashed fun that leaves you wanting more.


Light whistles straight out of an old timey fair flit and float behind adventurously left of centre warbles. FLOOR BABA plays with your intrigue with a sly smirk, tugging directions before intent can be anticipated through subtle shifts between bass leads and percussive breakdowns. The otherworldly quirk is real as ‘GROWING DISTANCES’ revels in the world of its own creation, taking licence to breakdown its light circus flare as fast as it arrived, demanding expansion on a world come and gone far too soon.


‘Dream Select II [DESKPOP bonus]’ by Silkersoft is soft and sullen with purposeful use of pace, silence, and echoing tones to shape your minds-eye toward a relaxing beach-front day with the waves. A strong sense of tranquility plays with ease as Silkersoft succeeds in creating a space where relaxation gives way to free-wheeling adventure. In true dreamscape form, the magic gives way to the sounds beyond your window, ending with the pre-emptive click of the snooze button for a chance to reflect and retain a piece of the remarkable fleeting dream from moments before.


‘Nebulomania [DESKPOP bonus]’ by Serlöf features a rockin’ clap track and deep set percussion fills out below a light improvisational melody that drives a rush of excitement, toying with sparse directives and the desire to build, teasing swells and transitions that layer high-tempo freneticism until you simply cannot take any more and everything gives way for a return to a simple refrain, only to go out in style with one final teasing build that cuts off at the height of potential; a brilliant tug-of-war against expectation.


‘TRIGGERDREAM’ by L_qcy destroys with kinetic warbles and a heavy slamming percussion that kicks some serious feels square in the no-no spot. ‘TRIGGERDREAM’ is a grounded, full-force wallop of power and intent, attacking hard with style and finesse with a no-nonsesnse volley of energy and intent as L_qcy delivers passion on a platter through ‘TRIGGERDREAM’ by never holding back on the force of a run or transition, always gaining integrity and energy, never letting up on the gas for a moment. ‘TRIGGERDREAM’ unabashedly lands as a standout highlight and tentpole of the album.


‘Blast From the Past’ by Jarsk1e digs deep with super crunk womps that melt below a high-power synth melody. Simulated brass tones take the spotlight in a pseudo-ironic “I’ll take it from here” vibe, only to deliver an anti-solo that teases before the main melody recovers control once more. Jarsk1e revels in the groove throughout ‘Blast From the Past’ with sirens blaring in the background of this energetic jail-break, laying out a world of danger and personal survival straight through until its grungy fall-off ending.


‘Voltage’ by 4ntler is robotic and singular off the top, welcoming electric snaps and a frantic titular melody that takes off running and refuses to quit. Memories of MegaMan will flow freely here as 4ntler breathes life into the well-loved classic soundscape, adding a certain intricacy and fast-paced personality to veer off into original territory. High-pitch melodic swings dare you to keep up as ‘Voltage’ kills with every ounce of electricity it has.


‘And You Remain’ by GODBOLT sets up the finale in style like the build up as the final boss shifts into their final form with an all-encompassing assault of melody and harmony fit for any climactic battle. A techno-break features competing tones over symphonic drones, all building and building as the cataclysmic tone climbs to its abrupt finale. GODBOLT delivers a tour-de-force of tone here in a tight package of climactic themes, bringing DESKPOP & ChipWIN to a close with style.

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