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Feels vaguely familiar...

This feels vaguely familiar of bad (or great) decisions…

We’ve arrived at that time of the year once again.  St. Patrick’s Day has passed, and the world is celebrating the hangover felt around the world. While it’s no secret that the drinking scene has a chiptune problem, I figured I would share a list of songs guaranteed to make anybody hungover immediately regret being within earshot.

You may be wondering, “Wait, does this mean you think these songs aren’t good?”  That’s far from the truth.  I happen to like all of these songs; they all just happen to be heavy, loud, abrasive, or chaotic. If you’re looking for high-energy, chip thrash, or just a few ways to get revenge on your roommate  thinking “pissing all over the couch while completely shitfaced” was HILARIOUS, I’ve got you covered after the jump.

Besides if someone deliberately pissed all over your couch, chances are you wouldn’t want to remain friends with them anyway.


CCDM is an artist that, if you hadn’t heard of him, you won’t forget him after hearing this track. A pioneer of the genre Amigacore, CCDM’s “Shouting & Screaming” is one hell of a high-energy record. It isn’t what I would consider easy listening, which should be apparent when you hear the gabber-esque vocal sampling and powerful rhythm behind it. This will be a wonderful way to start someone’s morning on the wrong side of every bed, and only infuriate them more once they see you rocking out to it.


Wizwars – Goddamn You Miami Zombies
If you’re not aware of Wizwars’ talents, you’re either new to the scene or under a rock.  That’s okay, though, because you’ve just stumbled upon an example!  This album is an enjoyable and emotional adventure.  One of the things this record happens to be is loud and full of rhythm.  This track, as well as Thrash City, are no exception.  Feel free to play either if you’re looking for something you can dance to in the process.


KOOL SKULL – Lickwid Lazer
From my viewpoint, KOOL SKULL is the embodiment of chipthrash. The intensive organization within a chaotic, abrasive soundscape manages to keep you rocking the fuck out.  Rocking out until you realize the wetness of the reverb isn’t from the track, but the blood that the sheer musical fury is driving out of  your ears. Another track to consider is Funky Slime. It even comes with a music video that more-or-less sums up the chaos behind KOOL SKULL’s artistic focus.


Shitbird – Fowl
To pick a single song from Shitbird’s self-titled EP off of Chip’n’Damned Records is simply unfair, as our favorite dirty bird delivers a solid selection all the way through the record. For the sake of picking one, though, I essentially flipped a coin between “Fowl” and “Die Shitbird Die,” and Fowl won the coin toss. Give that entire album a listen. How the entire St. Louis area hasn’t picked up on this beast of a musician is lost on me.


Solarbear – Sleaze Grater
Not only does Sleaze Grater open with an anxiety-attack-inducing scream, it fully captures the spirit of chaos and being thrown into a disarray while using clean instrumentation. Further, he takes said clean instrumentation and layers it on top of itself in order to create a messy wall of sound near the end as if he didn’t show off enough of a display of technical sound design. I’m fully convinced that our friend Solarbear is on his way to working on some Danny Elfman-tier musical insanity, and none of this feels more apparent than through this song.

Bitmilltary – the chiptune-inspired Death Grips Ex-Military EP cover album.
So there’s no escaping it, if you want abrasive music in general, the first thing I think of is Death Grips. When I discovered someone made a chip-inspired version I immediately asked, “Alright, what does this sound like?” Honestly, despite each track being much shorter than its original, the result almost felt more abrasive from the perspective of someone in the chipmusic community. With that realization, I’m not sure if I dislike this cover album because of its abrasiveness, or if it’s done its job too well. So well that it managed to invoke a musical prejudice towards intentionally-bad-sounding covers and therefore earned my appreciation and respect.  One can only hope that the Death Grips tribute collaboration album that KOOL SKULL once thought about actually comes to life.  It’d be great to have something more than chiptune-inspired to refer to.


The entire album of Elegy, the “goodbye” album from Datathrash Recordings.

On February 11th, 2016, Datathrash Recordings released its final album, ‘Elegy’, and we said goodbye to a driving force within chipthrash. I wanted to give all of the readers that got this far one last treat.  Not only is Datathrash responsible for some of the albums mentioned earlier, like Wizwars No Densetsu, but they were responsible for helping push some skull-crushing thrash into the ears and hearts across the scene. Not only did they field Wizwars, but they also brought us amazing works from excellent artists such as  Nestrogen, Timeheater, Facundo, Godinpants, E.S.C./Environmental Sound Collapse, Da Pantz, SKGB and many others.

With that, happy hangover day, friends.  I Hope your celebrations went well, and that you don’t have to use this list for anything more than enjoying some pretty awesome music.  Until next time, I’ll see you… in a bit.



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