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Sup y’all? =) President Hoodie here, which means it’s probably time for another one of my special “Hoodie Highlights” interviews! That or a new project….

Naaaaaaaaaaaaah! Definitely an interview. I need some off time yo. :3

If you’ve seen anything – and I mean ANYTHING – Chiptunes = WIN since the very first compilation, you’re already indirectly familiar with today’s special guest via his badass handiwork. Yeah, that makes it pretty clear that I’m undoubtedly talking about the graphic artist & animator with THE very mostest, Nate Horsfall aka FoxxDragon!


Hoodie: So, this is where I normally ask for a quick rundown of who you are and what you do – makes for a nice icebreaker to get things rolling along – but I just kinda sorta realized right now that we’ve known each other for three whole years, and two of those have involved you doing an assload of artwork for ChipWIN. So what I’m really saying is WHAT THE HELL MAN?!? WHERE’D THE TIME GO?!? o.O

Nate Horsfall (Foxx): Haha! You say it’s gone by so fast, meanwhile I’m like, “It’s ONLY been 3 years?” Feels like so much longer! But I guess that’s because I’ve done a ton of stuff in that time.

So who am I? Well, I’m the guy that does all these album artwork things! Nate Horsfall, or internet name “FoxxDragon”. I also do art things for nearly everyone else it seems like.

Hoodie: List them all annnnd…. GO!!!

That’s a joke. It’d fill the whole damn interview. :3

Foxx: We really would. Looking around my wall, I could probably pull 40 off the top of my head. But I could list a handful!

Hoodie: Yeah, sure! List a few of your favorites if nothing else!

Foxx: Oh favorites is kind of impossible – but I could easily pick from favorite art pieces. ANYWAY: did art for Dwelling of Duels for 6 years; Metroid Metal banners and videos; art and videos for Those Who Fight; art and video for Super Guitar Bros; almost all of VikingGuitar‘s artwork to date; Contra 4 Rocked N’ Loaded; A Castlevania project called Vampire Variations; Stemage’s Marble Madness album; The World is Square’s latest album; OCR’s TMNT Shell Shocked; A Metroid album called Harmony of a Hunter (and it’s follow up, 101%); my first album ever was for the Smash Bros – which featured Virt in it; and last year I put out an insane Secret of Mana tribute album called Spectrum of Mana. I managed that and also did about 25 or more pieces of art for it.


Here’s one of my favorites from Nate’s Metroid Metal works. -Hoodie

harmony of a hunter

And this one from Harmony of a Hunter. -Hoodie

Annnnd one of my favs from Spectrum of Mana. -Hoodie

Annnnd one of my favs from Spectrum of Mana. -Hoodie

Hoodie: NICE DODGE. -thumbs up-

And yeah, that’s a LOTTA art. Sometimes even I forget how much you do. haha

Foxx: I ALWAYS forget. I’ll throw a list up like that and then go, “Oh yeah, and this one too… and this other one…”

Hoodie:  It never ends, does it?

…which is a GREAT segue to the next question: where did it all begin? ;)

Foxx: It only ends when I quit!

“Where it begins” is by stumbling over Dwelling of Duels back in 2008. I’ve always loved games. I used to skip school to play them. I can still play them for hours and hours without getting tired. And all that eventually led to me getting a job in the games industry and becoming an animator. Up to 2008, I mostly did art for myself and friends. Used to do Unreal Tournament clan logos and graphics, design characters for friends in roleplaying groups, but when I tripped over DoD on a Metroid Metal post, it blew my mind. Someone said “Check this out! It’s like Metroid Metal does CHRONO TRIGGER!” And I flipped out. That was this song by Snappleman. Incidentally, it isn’t like MM doing CT, but it IS hard hitting prog metal and damn good.

I got crazy obsessed with DoD over the next few months, until they made a month called “Boss vs Hero”. I decided to take a shot and make a banner for them because I thought that month should have the most epic looking banner, so I made it and sent it over. They flipped out, I told them I could do more if they wanted me to, and so I became the art guy there up until last month actually. And from doing all the banner work, I’d get hit up for album art, and it kind of spiraled out from that.

Hoodie: More like spiraled OUT OF CONTROL. ;)

Foxx: Yeeeeeeeeeeeah. There is no control, because I have no self control. ;)

Hoodie: hahahaha About that. :3 It is really hard when it’s a bunch of awesome stuff, though.

Foxx: Yeah. Basically people are constantly coming to me with awesome stuff, and I COULD say no, but… then I don’t get to do all that awesome stuff!

Also, saying “No” makes people sad. And I don’t like to make people sad. =)

Hoodie: Well, in that case I need a couple more banners for Grumblr and Stickr…. ;)

Foxx: Those do NOT count as awesome things….

Hoodie: hahhahhhahahhahha

Foxx: Redundant annoying irritating tasks are not awesome! You’re just lucky I like you, Brandon. :P

But fuck the internet websites for all having different sized banners for this shit. Can I swear on here? I’m doing it anyway. Fuck you Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr. Fuck you and get your shit together. >_<

Hoodie: I’m not even going to laugh at you there, because that IS some total bullshit.

…and I want you to keep helping out. :3 <3

Foxx: They all have to be special little flowers.


Hoodie: HAHAHA

I mean, aw man, yeah that blows. :3

Foxx: This interview is now just me ranting about banner sizes.

Hoodie: It’s alright. I knew it would come down to that in the end.

Foxx: It was pretty unavoidable.

Hoodie: Sometimes a good cathartic bitching session is needed, even during the midst of an interview.

Foxx: So that’s it, right? Goodnight everybody!

Hoodie: I mean, yeah, basically. You kinda already talked about everything too quickly, you jerk. Geez, good job ruining my interview.

Foxx: It’s called efficiency!

Hoodie: But seriously, you’re still having fun with all of this obviously. And doing more and more from the looks of it; from live video work for bands to managing massive VGM projects. What in the world else does the future hold for Foxxdragon?

rockstar nate

Nate receiving much deserved applause after rocking some video work at a concert.

..or are you able to say and/or do you even have a clue? haha

Foxx: Well, trying to manage still more albums! It (Spectrum of Mana) was rewarding the first time, although an INSANE amount of work. And then more albums and videos for people as per the usual. A Smash Bros project I worked on called Harmony of Heroes should be out… uh… eventually. No idea on the date that releases. But this month I should also have two more albums I did art for out by Halloween. At the very least!

And because that isn’t enough, I have been learning guitar parts for someone…. ;)

Hoodie: YES.

I KNEW it was only a matter of time.

Epic solos or GTFO. You’re at that point already, right?

Foxx: HAHAHA Yeah, totally. No, it’s about as basic as it gets. Unlike art, which I’ve been doing my whole life, this I’ve been doing for not even a year. So uhh.. baby steps, right?

Hoodie: Nope. Should be solo-ing by now. What a gorram letdown.

Foxx: Well, shiiiiiiit.

Hoodie: hahaha Dude, the fact that you’ve actually FOUND TIME to pull that guitar down off the wall and mess with it enough to contribute parts to a project is some pretty magical shit in of itself. Mega props for that! Can’t wait to hear it, whatever it is. ;)

Foxx: Thanks! It’s not so hard. an hour a day-ish. I am doing it right now during this interview. And you can ‘t hear it. HAHAHA!

But yeah thats totally a side thing. Years ago when I got it from you guys – THANKS GUYS! – Erik’s note said “We got you this guitar so you won’t go insane doing art.” And it’s done the trick.

Hoodie: Years ago. Again, WTF.

Foxx: Oh yeah, rewinding by the way. I totally just remembered one of my next “projects” is going to be doing a handful of animations for UT4. Really looking forward to that.

Hoodie: AWESOME. Random awesome happenings = WIN. In this case, the Ashville visit!

Foxx: That trip was semi random and semi planned, but all awesome. Thanks for coming out for it!

Hoodie: Was our pleasure. Literally. WAS A BLAST.

…even if it did completely screw up our sleeping schedule for a week. Getting up at ass o’clock is no fun. o.O

Foxx: Hahaha. Suckers. I roll out of bed around 9:30am & get to work by 10:30. Gotta love game dev work. ;)

Hoodie: ……………………………….

But seriously, “ass o’clock” is my new favorite term. Even if, in actuality, it blows.

Foxx: That must be around 5am when the sun is just coming over the horizon.

Hoodie: EXACTLY. See? It’s intuitive and everything.

Was “intuitive” the right word to use there? I don’t know. Probably because I got up at ASS O’CLOCK this morning. >_>

Foxx: I don’t envy you, but for what it’s worth if I had to get up that early NOTHING would get done. Oh you want another chip album? Thats nice. GOING TO BED.

Hoodie: hahaha Right???? Although strangely enough, we’ve been extra productive since it started. And yes, it’s all Erin’s fault. Teacher internship early morning crapola. Grumble grumble….

Don’t tell her, but I hate it a lot less than I actually pretend I do. Which kinda scares me, since I’ve always been a night owl.

Foxx: Okay. I’ll make sure not to mention it. She won’t see it in this public posted interview either.

Hoodie: Yeah, we should be fine. It’s not like she’ll read this junk anyways. No worries.

(Erin says hi).

Foxx: =D Hi!

Hoodie: To attempt to pull this back into an actual interview vs just another one of our rambly chats (which are the best btw <3 ), did you ever see yourself doing something like this? Being so deeply involved in such a dynamic amalgamate of scenes, known for your works by people who you don’t know AT ALL, etc. It’s pretty crazy, man. haha

Foxx: You’re going to have to do heavy editing of this if anyone is going to read it! Haha

And No! No, I did not. Back when I tripped over VGM remixes as a thing, that blew my mind plenty. I never would have dreamed I’d be part of it. And for this specifically – chip tunes? Never!

Hoodie: I forget sometimes that ChipWIN was your debut artwork for a chiptune project. Still pretty awesome. YOU’RE WELCOME/I’M SORRY.

And no worries about the editing. It’s not like anyone actually reads this stuff anyways. Except probably my Mom. -waves- Hi Mom!

Foxx: Haha It was! I haven’t actually gotten a ton of people kicking down my door over it, although I do get a lot of people asking for that “Style”. Which is great, because it’s far and away the easiest thing to do. =)

Hoodie: hahahaha For that, I reckon you are indirectly welcome! Yessiree, anything to make life easier for Nate, I always say…. ;)

Foxx: Right after asking for 10 more resized banners, right?

Hoodie: You know me too well. :3

Continuing on, I feel like this interview/chat/rambling session would by a wash if MAGFest weren’t brought up at some point. It’s amplified both of our involvements in these scenes exponentially to say the least.


Foxx: Yeah, it’s true. MAG is awesome. My experience has gone from being kind of a side line watching experience, to going specifically for the people now. It’s like, an awesome party with hundreds of friends, and they happen to be playing music too.

Hoodie: RIGHT?!? It’s too damn crazy. I knew nobody except Stemage & Inverse Phase when I went to MAG 9. Damn how things have changed since then. Haha

Foxx: The only person I knew at MAG 7 was Norg, and I MET Stemage there, but I barely knew anyone. My brother and two other friends went. We mostly stayed in the room and saw the concerts. Times have definitely changed!

Hoodie: I was actually planning to go with friends to MAG 9 and they all dropped out kinda last minute. I considered canceling too to be honest, but went, “FUCK IT. I’M GOING,” and made it happen. Talk about literally a life changing decision!

Foxx: Haha Seriously! Where would you be if you didn’t do that!?

Hoodie: I’m not sure I even want to know. o.O

Foxx: Bored and alone. And unloved.

Hoodie: Probably. ;___;

Foxx: That’s what we should tell people who pass on MAG. “I know you’re unsure, but if you pass it up, you may just go through life bored, alone and unloved.”

Hoodie: That should be on the flyer.

Foxx: Someone get Nick on the phone!

Hoodie: I’d add him to the chat but it’d confuse the hell out of him. Haha

Foxx: He’s always drunk anyway. He’d never know the difference. =)

Hoodie: Good point!

I guess this is as good a point as any to publicly thank you for the AWESOME work you’ve done for ChipWIN since the comp series started in 2012. Honestly, it was largely due to your original album art, banners, logo, etc. that I went, “Damn. This is legit. Time to take this shit kinda seriously!!”

Foxx: Hahaha Well you’re welcome! Thanks to people out there who have thrown compliments at me for it. I see those ChipWIN shirts everywhere, and it makes me smile every single time. I really think that if it was someone else running it, I wouldn’t have gone with such a manic and kind of energized design. But you’re a big ball of energy, so what else could i possibly do?

And the first one, as you know, was done in a half hour or something. It was just, “Okay. Whatever, Brandon. Here’s your favor.”

And then it kind blew up. And I had to take it seriously. Haha

Hoodie: OOOPS. SORRY. ;)

But seriously, it has been a damn crazy ride – AND STILL GOING!! – but I’m really happy you’ve been a big part of it.

Foxx: Also – again, you know this, but others probably don’t – Vol. 2 was me going, “Shit, this is a big deal now. I need to take it seriously!” And I tried to really put effort into it, but every time that I looked at it, it was too weird and too clean! The “ChipWIN” look is just not that way. So, amusingly, I’d end up making this clean thing and then violently scrawling all over it to get it back to the feeling it needed.

Hoodie: Hahahhahaha I remember that! And yeah, the end result was a combination of both; symmetry and more focused design yet VIOLENT EXCITABLE ENERGY. You pulled it off, man! Haha

Foxx: For Vol. 3, I’d already decided it wasn’t going to be clean, so it was much easier. And yeah, me working with you on chip stuff was pretty unlikely. Because I’m just not NEARLY as excited about it as almost everyone else, especially you! I mean, I enjoy it, but you guys? You’re crazy. =)

Hoodie: Takes one to know one, Nate. ;)

Foxx: Haha Yes, but my insanity is firmly rooted in VGM. I only visit the chip world from time to time on your bus ticket!

Hoodie: Haha The visits are pretty fun, tho, right? That’s what matters. ;)

And there’s not that much difference between the scenes. They’re at least largely connected at the heart of it all, regardless of what some folk say. All the better to get ’em to intermingle more and more I say.
Foxx: People say they aren’t connected? I mean it’s pretty obvious they are. Hell, most of these concert events have both VGM and chiptune acts. I don’t know how much more connected you can get.

Hoodie: It’s a different strokes for different folks kinda thing. There’s a streak of kindred spiritedness that runs among us all, regardless of why we’re in it exactly. A creative, celebratory, life loving spirit of DOING AWESOME SHIT. At least from my observations.

Foxx: I don’t think it really matters why people are in it. Unless any of them exist for exploitation. Because, you know, this scene makes so much money! We’re all so rich. Totally worth exploiting.


…the way i formed that sentence makes it seem as though my dog helped me earn chiptune money vs me saying that me and my dog were rolling around in chiptune money. I’m not really sure which is more ludicrously hilarious.

Foxx: Chip dog: the secret to success. You heard it heard first, everybody.

Hoodie: YOU GOT IT! 8-)

On that note, any parting words before you get back to guitar practice?

Foxx: -posts ‘shoop of Hoodie & Goober aka “Chip Dawg”-

chip dawgs

There. =D


Foxx: That’s a parting picture. Parting words? I’m always doing stuff. Always. If you haven’t seen anything for awhile rest assured it’s because it’s really huge and secretive. And you’ll see it eventually.

Now I should probably get to work on Volume 3.2 or whatever. Right, Brandon?

Hoodie: Still need those Grumblr and Stickr banners….

Foxx: GO to hell.

Hoodie: HAHAHA

Love you too, Nate.

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