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Sup y’all? =) President Hoodie here with another edition of Hoodie Highlights! Continuing with my visualist-centric series of late, this publication features a chat with the multi-talented visual sorceress Drip aka ohhinaifu! And yes, poop is discussed (duh). Enjoy!


ohhinaifu working her visual magic!

Hoodie: HEYA DRIP! =D To kick this off, give me a quick breakdown of who you are and what you’re about!

Drip aka ohhinaifu: Oh hello. I am ohhinaifu, most people call me Drip. I am a visualist and pixel artist hailing from the high five state of Michigan.

Hoodie: Yay high fives! Pretty good at giving ’em even. Hint: watch the elbow.

ohhinaifu: I’m actually really bad at them. I look at the elbow everytime, and I just can’t seem to do them.

Hoodie: Screw high fives. WHO NEEDS ‘EM?

ohhinaifu: My self confidence does. lol jk

Hoodie: hahaha Awwww….

So big question right off the bat (I’m kinda notorious about these! #SryNotSry): how’d you find the world of visuals? Or did it find you? Or maybe a little of both?

ohhinaifu: At the time I was just a wee little chiptune fan wanting to somehow get involved in the scene. I was always terrible at writing music, but I’ve been doing visual arts since I was a kid. Then one year I was watching the Blip Fest stream and saw Party Time Hexcellent doing her visuals and I was like “THAT! I WANT TO DO THAT!”

Hoodie: Ah! So your visualist career *began* with chiptune! Awesome!

ohhinaifu: Yesss!

Hoodie: I say that, because, during my previous interview with Pixelseed, I learned that his began before he encountered chip. And then, of course, spiraled inescapably down that wormhole after encountering such, like ya do. ;)

 This is cool on a completely different level, though. Your encounter with visuals at a chipshow is what lead you down this path. I DIG IT.

ohhinaifu: I’ve dabbled in the different “scenes” and was always really interested in the visual aspect of each scene. Like, I was pretty heavily involved in the bboy scene here in Detroit and started doing graffiti. I guess that’s how I got involved with visuals and pixel art for the chip scene.

Hoodie: Dumb question time: what’s the bboy scene? haha

ohhinaifu: Break dancing! haha

Hoodie: Ahhhhh! Got it! haha


ohhinaifu: Bboying started in the 70s, man!

Hoodie: Well, damn. Lol No excuse then! Guess I’ll just have to get you to teach me some cool moves next time then. I’ll do a high five tutorial in exchange. ;)

ohhinaifu: Sounds like a good deal to me! haha

Hoodie: Back on topic, how do you create your visuals? Both gear-wise & inspiration-wise. How do ohhinaifu do(o)?

ohhinaifu: I first create the content, usually pixel art, in Photoshop and After Effects. Then put it in the VJ program called OpenTZT. The entire program can be binded to the keyboard or a midi controller. I like to keep my visuals on time, so I actually dance around while holding key combinations as the musician plays.

Hoodie: I’ve noticed that, and it’s AWESOME. All visualists are performers just as much as their chipmusic counterparts, but you really ratchet it up another notch. Like I mentioned when it happened, you were just as much a part of the “act” with an0va & Rekcahdam at M13 this year. I LOVED IT.

ohhinaifu: Haha Why thank you~

Hoodie: It was somewhat of an epiphany for me; you & the other cool cats performing on stage with the chipartists. I knew, of course, how important visuals were for a proper chipshow (chip w/o viz is… ODD), but it struck me a bit more impact-fully at M13 regarding just how much of the *PERFORMANCE* visualists are. It’s a really cool & largely unique thing!

ohhinaifu: Haha right! I’ve had a few times where I would tell someone I’m playing a show, and they’ll ask me “Oh! You make music now?” and I’m just like “Nope, performing visuals… still.”

Visuals add another dimension to music shows. It’s one thing to hear the music, but then seeing something respond with the music really pumps it up.

Hoodie: Abso-damn-lutely!

ohhinaifu: It really becomes not just the musician’s show or just the visualist’s show; it’s a collaboration between two.

Hoodie: Collaboration! Yes! It’s tangible too, especially when it really gels. That’s part of the draw I think.

Seriously yo, live chipmusic. So much magic there.

ohhinaifu: It’s the most fun I’ve ever had in my life, really. I get to travel, create art, and develop stronger bonds with old and new friends.

Hoodie: The community aspect of it, yeah. It’s pretty amazing!

ohhinaifu: Jumping back a bit, my performance setup is very linear. It’s just my laptop that I plug into a projector. I tried messing around with glitchNES and learning how to code for it, but I just didn’t have the patience.

I actually started making pixel art two years before I started doing visuals. I am a huge fan of Daisuke Ayama, the developer of Cave Story and Paul Robertson. I wish to attempt to high five them both someday.

Hoodie: <3 <3 <3 CAVE STORY <3 <3 <3

ohhinaifu: It’s so good!! …but I have never beat it…………

Hoodie: OMG FIX THAT~ :O

…although getting that final ending ain’t no joke. o.O

ohhinaifu: omg I’ve been told! There are just so many games! TOOMANYGAMES~

Hoodie: Yeeeeaaaah. :/ #FirstWorldProblems

Got some favorite stories from any shows, experiences, etc. to share?

ohhinaifu: Oh man! Well, I was doing visuals for one of the 8static monthlies last year, and Storm Blooper was playing.

Hoodie: This should be good…

ohhinaifu: In the middle of his set, he points up to where I had my gear set up, and tells the audience to bring me more booze. I think 4 different people came to me with whiskey… Got prettyyy drunk! lol

Hoodie: The primary currency of chipshows: BOOZE. 8-)

ohhinaifu: haha yess~

That and pizza.

Hoodie: Of course!

ohhinaifu: At MAG this year, I had a super awesome fun time playing with Solarbear. We unscrewed a DMG so in the middle of our set; we ripped it in half and destroyed it on stage. I remember DJ CUTMAN tweeting how he found a piece of it in his mouth…

Solarbear & ohhinaifu tearing it up at MAGFest 13.

Solarbear & ohhinaifu tearing it up at MAGFest 13.

Hoodie: HAHAHHA I witnessed the MAG show, of course, but missed the Cutman tweet. That’s beautiful! hahaha

ohhinaifu: That is definitely a highlight of my chip career. lol

Hoodie: As it should be! hahaha

Thanks for always being awesome at MAGFest btw! Both M12 (Chipspace craziness) & M13 (main stage craziness). UDABES~

ohhinaifu: I do it because I always have fun. THANK YOU for having me then~ And now! lol

Hoodie: My pleasure! <3 ^_^ <3 You’re as MAGFest as they come! haha

But now, on to an even more important topic….

POOP. Discuss.

ohhinaifu: Yes. *serious face*

Hoodie: Saving the toughest, hardest hitting questions for last, of course.

ohhinaifu: I have thought about it. What does everyone do?


Everyone can relate to it.

Hoodie: Indeed! #EverybodyPoops

ohhinaifu: It’s a universal action and I like my audience to be able to relate to my work.

Idk haha It’s also just really fun to draw.

Like the soft-serve fecal buddy.



Hoodie: hahhahhahhahah

Yeah, it’s kinda the best. I can’t wait for that shit to come in


ohhinaifu: LOLOLOL

Hoodie: Think that’s one typo I’m gonna hafta leave in the interview. XD

ohhinaifu: You have no choice! hahaha

I won’t teach you how to dougie if you take it out.

Hoodie: SONOFA-

ohhinaifu: -POOP

Hoodie: #WellPlayed

Not sure if there’s really anything I can do to follow up that segment. CONGRADURATIONSZ YOU WON THE GAEM

ohhinaifu: WHAT DO I WIN?!

Hoodie: POOP


Hoodie: PERFECT.

Anything else you’d like to say before we wrap this up?

ohhinaifu: I would like to tell Bryan Dobbins that I will have rum cake at BRKfest.

Hoodie: Mmm… Rum cake….

ohhinaifu: I was supposed to bring some to MAGFest, but then I forgot, so I have to make up for it. So if the internet sees it, then I HAVE to do it.

Hoodie: It’s internet official: there will be rum cake at BRKfest courtesy of Drip! YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST, FOLKS!





ohhinaifu: *head bangs*

Hoodie: Drip, as always, been an absolute pleasure talking with you. ^_^ Until the next adventure!

ohhinaifu: Goodnight all! Merry Xmas~

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