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Hello! Frank here again, back with another installment of Inside The Daякcнip Mind. This time I felt it necessary to talk about something a bit different, and not so dark. Although it still has those big bass hits, grimey pulses & all the other goodies that make your skin tingle! Lately I’ve been doing nothing but looking into A LOT of artists that use Nanoloop, and damn, have I found something that flows oh so nice: ‘Obsidian‘ by Cheapshot.

The overall club feeling you get from ‘Obsidian’ is great; it makes you feel like you’ve walked into a mid 90’s club with a madman at the velvet rope, guiding you on his journey. The album was composed on Nanoloop2.7 using a Gameboy Micro, & features 9 hard hitting tracks plus one big ol’ mix at the end to tie it all together. ‘Obsidian’ came out in May but since the release I’ve caught myself looping it in my list of “goodie albums.”

The album starts off with ‘Ammolite’, which feels like a “jog runner” track; has a very fast pace that pops along quiet nice. The next track, which is self titled, has to be one of my personal favorites:

‘Obsidian’ ignites with a heavy bass lead then cuts to the core with some heavy-hitting drums @ 1:01. Flows very smoothly after that with its clean textures of bass and drums and a great lead into a mini break down at 2:21. You can’t help but boogie to it!

The next track that stood out was ‘Bismuth‘; it reminded me of when I had first started listening to club music. ‘Bismuth’ isn’t dark as much as it is heavy. It starts with a low resonant bass, doubling into another layer of bass @ :26 that hooks you and refuses to let go! At :53 the drums casually kick in with a little 4/4 action, with one lead always fading in and out, leaving you pining for its return. Peaking at 2:55, ‘Bismuth’ slams together in a way that makes ya want to continue to boogie!

To round things out, I got the chance to ask Cheapshot a few questions about this great release among a few other things. Check it below and have fun dancing the night away to ‘Obsidian!’

Frank – What was the major influence in making this album/your decision to just use Nanoloop?

Cheapshot –  The 2.7.7 update added a load of nice little touches to Nanoloop that made me want to experiment with it more. Re-triggerable LFO per note on the polyphony channel, new sound design possibilities on the noise channel, the ability to make a note only play once every other bar, etc., lots to play with! That coupled with the fact that I wanted to make more loopy, techno style music were the two precursors for me using nanoloop on this release.

Frank – Do you have any future plans for shows in the states? I mainly ask because I saw you recently played in the UK & wouldn’t personally mind seeing ya on this side of the pond!

Cheapshot –  Haha, I’d love to come over to the states and play a gig/event, but unfortunately there are currently no concrete plans regarding that. Sorry!

Frank – Other than your netlabel Cheapbeats, are there any other netlabels you’re involved with?

Cheapshot – I’ve had releases on a few other labels such as 8bitpeoples and metrodub, but I’m not involved in any regard other than as an artist. Cheapbeats keeps me busy enough!

Frank – Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions! I have one more for ya. Do you have any suggestions on “how to” listen to this album? I mainly ask because when newer stuff comes out I personally like to give it a go on my stereo then put it on my MP3 player and go for a walk and see how the vibe feels then.

Cheapshot – I recommend going for the full mix first. Walking, travelling to work on the train/bus, etc. is a good place to start. Then pick out the tracks you like and tell everyone  about them! :P

Haha..! Thanks for the questions, and stay tuned for more Nanoloop goodness in the near future!

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