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Hey everyone, Frank here. Long time since I’ve done an article, but oh boy do I have something good for all of yins! This album just recently came out & I have had it on my loop playlist since it’s dropped. I think after what you read and hear you will totally understand the hype I’m throwing off on this jem!

The artist & album I speak of is ‘+LET’S DISINFECT!+’s newest release ‘Raskulachivanie,’ which came out on March 17th. The over-all feeling of this album would be haunting, grimy & very danceable. I love the flow of this album and how every track it makes you want to hear more. The exceptional songwriting and sequencing makes you question if it’s just one big song! Not to mention the immense LSDJ work on this album.

What drew me to the album right away is how it gives you an array of different feeling’s throughout. Sovnarkom’ starts us off heavy, but you could most definitely bust a move to it. Then, at :26, it gets SOO melodic and quietly beautiful, all without loosing its ability to make you want to get up and dance!. Of course I have to point out the nasty little breakdown he does in it at :58, something Mr. Monistat does again throughout the album. Something I truly love hearing!

The exceptional flow of the album made breaking tracks down quiet hard. However, many tracks stood out to me on because of their intensity. The two that were the most intense in my eyes, were ‘Sovnarkom’, above, & ‘Kolyma.’ I love how the track starts off with punchy drums and eerie arpps that pull you in then transforms into a very melodic section that draws you in even more at :22. While still keeping that overall chiptrash style I’ve grown to love over the years, the track is special because of its “winding” feel, almost like you’re going through a roller coaster of sorts. This song would make for some fantastic music in the background of that kind of ride.

What a great release to start off the New Year and to start off my come back to the Chipwin Team! I can’t wait for the day I can see this fellow live because from the vibes he throws off of a MP3 Id like to see what he throws off in person! Raskulachivanie is such unique album, it inspires me want to explore my LSDJ cartridge even more to see what kind of spooky noises I can make spew out of it!

Now it’s time to get inside the mind of ‘+LET’S DISINFECT!+


Frank – So what got you into chiptune & where you into any other types of music before discovering/starting chiptune?

+LET’S DISINFECT!+ – I’m a child of the 80’s, and Nintendo played a big role in my development from when I received my first NES in 1987, to the DMG, to the SNES. The music, or at least the “sound” of the chips, stayed locked in my brain. Inspired by the punk revival of the mid-90’s, I picked up guitar, bass and drums and played in a number of embarrassing projects (tapes do exist) before meeting the guys that would coalesce into what became The Monistats. At the same time, I was experimenting with electronic music and releasing doomy Drum&Bass under the name DJ CadaverJunky. The big a-ha moment came in winter of 2009 when, in anticipation of moving to the NYC area, I discovered 8bitpeoples and promptly downloaded the entire output of the label. I had integrated sounds and ideas from my NES addiction into my punk and electronic music, but I didn’t understand the technology or know about trackers. I had already been playing shows using Korg-DS 10, but I called it “electropunk”.

Frank – Did you have any main inspiration while writing this album?

+LET’S DISINFECT!+ – The main inspiration for this album was the combination of a very cold winter researching Socialist history, then reading biographies of Lenin and Stalin, and eventually “The Gulag Archipelago” by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. I became somewhat fixated on the subject, reading all I could on it. Delving deeper, I read much on the Holodomor, which was a period of severe artificial famine imposed by the USSR to weaken the Ukraine, basically resulting in genocide. The repercussions of this tragedy are still felt today, and I felt the album release timing was appropriate considering current tensions between Russia and Ukraine. 

Frank – So I noticed you have a few projects out, do you ever plan to “intertwine” them at any point?

+LET’S DISINFECT!+ – Not particularly. I keep all my projects separate to play on what makes them unique, except for the stuff I release as “Sean Monistat“, which is all over the place. Currently, my focus is on Let’s Disinfect! and Thorazine Unicorn, and there are 2-4 releases planned for each. I’m way into making thematic “packages” as EP’s/albums, and tend to write in spurts. My other projects, like The Cloister Fuck, got shelved due to a dearth of band members. I would love to find a live drummer for TxUx and if they worked out I’d love to play a metal-oriented live band Let’s Disinfect! show one day, so that is a degree of intertwining I suppose. My last album on Datathrash, “Séadchomharthai Ársa agus Caonach” really needs to be rerecorded as a straight up vikingmetal album. Also, I’m always down for booking both TxUx and +LD!+ on the same night!

 Frank – Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions, this is the last one I have for you. What was your most favorite show & which act where you playing it under?

+LET’S DISINFECT!+ – Favorite show so far has to be ‘The Monistats’ 10-year anniversary reunion gig in 2010. While I love chiptune, the cart crashes and technical glitches upset me and make me feel inadequate. There is nothing like plugging a guitar into an amp and screaming songs you know so well you don’t even have to concentrate. It’s like being a well-oiled robot. That gig ended up with me topless (but wearing a tie), covered in fake blood, the set list staple-gunned to my thigh. With a full band, the confidence increases exponentially. When it’s just me and the DMG or DS, it’s more of an effort to be dynamic, and the amazing visualists I’ve had the pleasure to perform with add so much to the experience. It’s not exactly like being in a band together, but sometimes it ends up being a collaboration that feels perfect, like Pixelseed vs. TxUx at 8Static Fest 2014.

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