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Hey Frank here with another edition of “Inside The Daякcнip Mind!” [BACK FROM A HIATUS!!]  To talk about an album that has all elements I truly love about an excellent chipthrash album that never tires while looping. The album I’m talking about is ‘Swallow Razor Blades by Optimus Chad. It’s another Datathrash Recordings release so you can already tell its going to be a hard hitter, but now its time to cut to the chase!!

Normally I like to pin-point certain tracks on album as favorites but to be honest I loved all the tracks on this equally. So to give this album true justice, Iet’s cover some random details on various tracks. The album starts off with HARD HITTING IN YOUR FACE bass & just keeps getting more intense from there! After the opening track it flows into a song called “Murder Junkie” that just keep compiling layers on one another creating a nice feel and grime.

The next track “Self Mutilation,” which I must say is one of the most top quality tracks on this. It starts off with a grimy low bass with wubz blending behind it, along with some GREAT rhythms. Definitely hits heavy on the bass drums on this one! At 1:15 the drums and everything blend together, giving it a somewhat “poppy” feel, and turning it into a little number you can boogie too  .

The last three tracks of the song really vibe together, but ‘Bad Therapy (Glomag Dead step remix)’ manages to stick out.  Now, I’m not normally a fan of dub but JEEZE this is so damn grimy I cant help myself: I have to blare it! ‘Glomag‘ & ‘Optimus Chad’ make a very interesting and surprising combo that ties together the album quiet nicely! This album is truly inspirational, and is great for chipthrash lovers & overall chiptune enthusiasts. 

I got the chance to sit down and ask Chad a few questions about himself & this newer edition to his albums, so check it out below!!


Frank – So I noticed right away that this album sounds A LOT different than your others, was your choice to do the full album in LGPT to keep the raw and gritty feel this album over all has. Mainly ask because also notice on other albums you change up what you use to write.

Optimus Chad – For most of my releases I always manage to do an intro with a diferent medium than I normally use. This is because I have only really felt good about my LSDJ tracks and so so about anything else. However this time I was driven and wanted to do more than just a 4 track chip sound. So I keep at it with piggy

Frank – So what made you decide to work with glomag on the track “Bad Therapy?” & has this been your first time working with him?

Optimus Chad – I have always loved Glomag’s voice. I was listening to his music at work and his song bad thearpy is a big favorite of mine. I e-mailed him asked for some savs and vocal stemms to the original and he sent. He is a super cool guy and has always been great to me.

Frank – With this recent new release do you have any upcoming show’s in the horizon or any collaborations your able to speak of at the moment?

Optimus Chad – As far as shows go if I get offered one I will do it but I am not actively seeking any live shows. My area sucks for anything except cover bands and crap hipster guitar bands. I haven’t got any plans in the making to work with anyone. I am helping a new thrasher to the scene by the name of Isaac Thrasher. He is a cool kid and invision he and I to be making music in the near future. I am also looking to assemble a 4 piece band that will be local to my area with a few friends.

Frank – Thank you for answering these questions for me, to end this interview I was just wanting to ask something that somewhat ties with the second question I had. Which is, what made you decide to do more of a instrumental album along the lines of your previous album in which you have tracks where you sing?

Optimus Chad – I really felt like Riley Rust flopped and wasn’t as well received as I wanted it to be. I also did an Insane Clown Posse remix album and another collab with Desumate. Both of those releases I thought were awesome but have seemed to drift off in to that strange abyss where they are cult classics. To be honest nothing I have worked on has lived up to Feedback Warrior. So I wanted to give something back to the people who loved that album and something new for me. Thanks for interviewing me!

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