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[WARNING: Video & album cover in this article NSFW! (full frontal nudity)]

BACK AGAIN!! And this time I’ve a few goodies in store for everyone! This new trip of “Inside The Daякcнip Mind” brings us to a group from Spain called Super Busty Samurai Monkey. The first physical copy I got from them is this SD card below with their first three albums on it. I really liked that idea a lot because of all the time you can tell they put into drawing on this & think it’s a great way to showcase their work. I’ve been talking to one of the members (Victor Vs) for some time now & we formed Kitten Paw Recordings together so our “madness” ties together quiet well.


Their newest album called ‘7‘ and is releasing on a nice fat vinyl – like we all love – on March 15th! If you haven’t seen any of their prior physical releases their last album, ‘6‘, was a clear square. The debut track for this album is called “Haai Hoer” which also appeared on ‘KP Compo Issue#1‘. It’s a blend of grimy/dark beats that are layered with drone leads & great vocals that fade in and out in mega good timing. ‘Haai Hoer’ caught my ear the moment they dropped it for the compo so I was very happy they were making it their debut track & also putting a video to it which is a new goodie that’s dropping today (link to video at the bottom).

This is the part where I’d normally say which tracks I like and so forth but I’d like to honestly leave the element of surprise of this album. I feel a lot of folks are going to have as hard as a time as I’m having deciding a favorite track. Having said that, I will talk about the whole over-tone/feel that I got from this album. The main word that won’t pop out of my head is SPOOKY! Got the crazy arp’s then out of nowhere it just hits mega hard with those grimy chip bass drops that we all love. Whenever I choose a album for this I test them by surround sound & by walking around with a pair of Skull Candies on. For this one I chose to walk around the random trail’s of Northwest Indiana at night, since it’s been so cold out I think it made that spooky vibe pop more! I strongly advise surround sound or earphones on this one! The main thing I can’t wait for is to hear that natural grain the vinyl will give it!

I got the chance to ask a few questions to SBSM & also like I said above, they are releasing their debut song’s video today for all of you! The album ‘7‘ comes out March 15th & you can pre-order the album starting today! 

Frank So when did SBSM form & also was there any beginning projects you both have done that people may know of or is still currently active?

SBSM – [2] Our first song was called “song written without headphones, screens and stuff”. One day, 1#  told me “record some random phrase and send it to me”. Afterly, he mounted it over a Gameboy basetrack without hearing what he was doing. When we heard it, we couldn’t stop it. Maybe we did more stuff in the past, but I’d have to kill you if I told you.

Frank What would have to be some musicians that are a major influence or what random things inspire you guys while writing?

SBSM – [2] I’m inspired by women who can scream, mostly, from Kat Bjelland to Poly Styrene, but the stuff that I’m influenced the most is andalusian flamenco and cante jondo.

[1]- I steal most of the riffs I write. I surely don’t give a shit about which genre it comes from as long as I like it. I don’t even care about music that much. I’m on a blackmetal+techno era nowadays, but I kind of like Stockhausen as well, and the early works of Manuel de Falla. I’m also pretty much into anyone stealing samples from 8bit artists and making stuff with it.

Frank Looking at your guy’s past physical releases they have been quite unique (definitely the clear square 6’). Will this next upcoming release also be strictly vinyl (if physical)?

SBSM – [1] Yeah, we be releasing 7, a 7” with six songs on it next 15th March. Its a co-release between Datathrash from ‘Murica, V Waeve fron Madrid and The Bloody Dirty Sanchez from Andalusia. We hired a guy and a model for the video teaser and artwork, which I think turned out pretty sick.

[2]- For us, there’s no reason in publishing a record if it has no value as an object, if it doesnt communicate a thing, because, what we do aint only music and you can’t fully grasp it with another plastic cd. Our next work is a threat in the shape of a red 7”, people either loves us or hates us deeply, and this is our logical response.

Frank My final question is what do you prefer to use while live gigs & also do you guys have any upcoming events happening?

SBSM – [1] Oh, we’re playing on the records release. And planning to do a small tour on summer, wich Is something we can’t talk about yet.

We’re just Gameboy+vocals live. #2 sings thru a KaossPad3 and I shoot the music on a Timbob Gameboy. Sometimes I use a monotron delay for fun and kicks, but thats it. Most of the time I cant even pay attention to the Gameboy, let alone use more gear. I’m more focused on jumping and shit.

[2]- I just scream and I worry about being in focus well on stage. A good lightbulb and being told when the mic test is over is everything I need.

Super Busty Samurai Monkey:
Bandcamp | Facebook | SoundCloud

(WARNING: Video & album cover NSFW! [full frontal nudity])

Debut of music video for ‘Haai Hoer’

[Note: Currently pre-order. Full album/embed will unlock once album goes live on 3/15]

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