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Hello, Frank here again for another installment of Inside The Daякcнip Mind. All the hype is going to the full album ‘Chainsaw Witches‘ by ‘Tommy Creep.’ This album came out on April 29th, he also has physical copies that include a poster and sticker besides the CD that will start shipping by the time you read this! This album really drew me in various ways, the variety of it is pure greatness/genius in my book & I haven’t gotten tired of looping this since it came out yet!

The mood is very dark and grimy from the start, with haunting vibes that flow throughout the whole album. The first track that stood out to me was ‘The Chainsaw Witches‘. If you can’t tell by now, I’m a “sucker” for using kits/samples over a very dark tone and this song (and album) is the epitome of just that! I love when that first sample kicks in at :26 then transforms into some extremely heavy “wubs” with a chainsaw grinding in the bakground, SOO GOOD! haha

Another song that caught my attention was ‘Slimetown Rave‘, with its intense build up. Then, at :30, it breaks into new section that makes ya wanna just start boogy’n! Then at 1:58, it morphs into something totally different: a heavy little “groove down” that flows back into some hard hitting greatness at 2:29. The whole album feels like a journey from start to end and not one song sounds the same.  It is reminiscent of a lot of music I’ve listened to where its a story to be told as you listen to the whole album.

So I recently got the chance to ask Tommy a few questions, some about the album and some others.
Check it out down below!

Frank – So what was the main inspiration/drive for this album?

Tommy Creep – It’d been a couple of years since I’d put out a Game Boy release and since then I’ve played a load more live gigs and so it was about time I put out something new. I wanted the EP to have a kinda video-game feel to represent how it was made, but not in the bleepy-bloopy-pixel art kinda way, but more in it being about loads of different types of monsters and in the layout for the CD/poster.

Frank – If you were to sum up the album in a few words what would they be?

Tommy Creep – Game Boy-bass-zombie-slime! Like an 8-bit Monster Mash but a bit darker/heavier.

Frank – How long have you been making chiptune/8bit music & is this your only project?

Tommy Creep – I think I first started making Game Boy music 4 years ago, the band I was in had come to an end so I was looking for ways to put on a cool live show without other members, then I saw a video of Sabrepulse performing at Blip Fest and thought “wow, that’s cool-as-hell”. I think one guy stood on stage with a Game Boy gives a way more interesting image than one person with an acoustic guitar or a laptop.

Alongside that I’ve been making “non-8-bit” horror-bass/synthwave music in Renoise and last year started doing bass/vocals in a horrorpunk band called Lupen Tooth.

Frank – Thank you for taking time to answer these questions, this is the last one. I was wondering what was the over-all feel/mood you had during this album/would like to project from such a release like this?

Tommy Creep – Like a neon-cheesy-Halloween-rave! I want it to project the images of scary monsters destroying people and towns but dripping in glowing-lime-green goo!

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