Introducing — The ChipChart!

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Good afternoon ChipWINizens! The blog team would like to take this opportunity to announce a new addition to our ever-growing box of tools that we host:

The ChipChart!


What’s All This Then?!

Much like how the Map records the artists and visualists across the globe that make up our community, the Charts are a living record of the known musical releases that have graced our scene.


We’ve got our work cut out for us.

At the moment, the Charts are probably looking a bit sparse, but the curation team (President Hoodie, First Lady Ryn/Chip Mom, and Viridian Forge) are actively working to catalog the musical history of Chiptune, VGM, and Nerdcore.

We welcome Chiptune, Nerdcore and VGM artists of all stripes to use the form attached to the ChipChart to let us know about your releases so we can add them to the list.  Furthermore, everyone can feel free to use that form to tell us about albums that we’ve missed or mistakes that we’ve made.

Find this evergrowing collection of chipdata at!

Much \m|<3|m/,
Wayne Manselle aka “Viridian Forge
Blog Editor/Writer & ChipChart Programmer/Founder

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