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‘ChipWINter Wilderness’ is LIVE! Both digitally and via cassette (!!!) here: https://chiptuneswin.bandcamp.com/album/chipwinter-wilderness

Heya ChipWINners! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ ʷᵃᵛᵉˢ

2018 is quickly drawing to a close, and this, of course, means that it’s time once again for the winter holidays! A big part of that for many of us includes holiday music.

Although now that I think about it, the last time that we released a ‘ChipWINter‘ compilation was in 2014. What say we fix that this December? (^_−)−❄️

Spellbinding ‘ChipWINter Wilderness’ album artwork by Nate Horsfall. Totes channeling a lil’ Bob Ross this round methinks! ♥

Presenting the third edition of our occasional winter holiday compilation series, ‘ChipWINter Wilderness’! This delightfully chilly compilation will feature over 20 brand new tunes from the following artists:

  • 4ntler
  • 5% soda & poplavor & KARUT
  • Aethernaut
  • Awesome Force feat. Ryn
  • CarboHydroM
  • ChronoWolf
  • Dimeback
  • Fark
  • HangOnGetReady
  • HarleyLikesMusic
  • Jacob Greenmount
  • Karl Brueggemann
  • Knasibas
  • koi
  • Lute & Key feat. Ryn
  • Megabit Panda
  • Michael Okon
  • Sam Mulligan
  • Shyabeetus
  • Soleviio
  • stig
  • Storm Blooper
  • toasterpastries
  • Vince Kaichan

Soundcloud Teaser:

‘ChipWINter Wilderness’ is set to release on Friday, December 7th after an online release party hosted by the donut slayer himself, Sam Mulligan! Starting at 7:30pm Eastern, catch the livestream on Sam’s Twitch and join the chat in our Discord Server. In the meantime, make sure to invite ALL THE FRIENDS to our online holiday party via the Facebook Event here.

Stay tuned for further info & hype to come in the coming days! ‎♡〜٩( ╹▿╹ )۶〜♡ #ChipWINterIsComing

Much \m|♥|m/,
Brandon L. H. aka “President Hoodie”
Founder & Project Manager of Chiptunes = WIN

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