MAGFest Presents: PAX East Jamspace 2015

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For you PAX East 2015 attendees wondering where to find the awesome chiptune, VGM & nerdcore shows this year, hot diggity dawg do I have some news for you!

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MAGFest Presents the PAX East Jamspace 2015! As always, this year will be a mix of open jam time aka your typical Jamspace awesomeness (starting around 10am all three days!) + some fantastic scheduled shows featuring 25+ artists from all around the VGM, chiptune, and nerdcore communities!

Audio livestream will be provided by, with folk from both that crew & BOSTON8BIT helping make the magic happen! To top it off, don’t miss out on a chance to snag some ChipWIN swag being sold by none other than its delightful creator, pixie druid!

To top it all of, this year everything is being hosted in Room 109AB aka a NEW BIGGER, BADDER ROOM BOOYAH! 8-)

More details + the full roster of scheduled shows can be found via the Fb event here:

Of course what’s a PAX East without after parties, amirite? IAMRITE.


geekbeatradio presents a very special night at Sweetwater Boston!

Co-sponsored by WEMF, BOSTON8BIT and Rhythmus Records, geekbeatradio presents a lineup of amazing artists on the Saturday night of PAX East weekend!

Featuring Mega Ran, Danimal Cannon, Robot Sex Music, Sam Mulligan & Radio Scotvoid, this is a chiptune after party not to be missed!

Full info via the Fb event here:

In other words, GO HAVE SOME PARTY.

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