New Hosting – Who Dis?

- Posted January 2nd, 2019 by

Happy New Year, ChipWIN! And welcome to Chiptunes = WIN’s new hosting solution!

…that’s about it. I mean, there’s a story (there’s ALWAYS a story), so if you want that, click on through!

That’s right, after a long time and much consternation, ChipWIN now has its own VPS courtesy of SSDNodes.


Well, we’ve been imposing on Lisa Hartsock’s hosting for quite awhile now, and while we’re eternally grateful to her for letting us essentially crash on her couch for the last few years, its long since time we moved into our own apartment.

For those of y’all in the know, this is a move that’s been in the works for the better part of a year in fits and starts. Attempts were made, Adam Seats found critical bugs, roll-backs happened, and then ViridianForge got a major career upgrade that required he all but entirely step away from the project.

What was the straw that kicked the camel in the ass? Just before the Christmas holiday, on a Sunday afternoon no less, Dreamhost suffered an outage that took not only ChipWIN offline, but also ALL of the sites on Lisa’s hosting for approximately 20 hours. We had to pull ViridianForge out of a badly needed vacation (don’t feel bad – his employer’s website is on Dreamhost and went down as well, so he was having to get pinged one way or another), and then grab Lisa just before she left on a three hour drive for a holiday occasion.

All in all, it was rather suboptimal and we realized we needed to step it up a notch.

Still, some of ya’ll that are more technically inclined are probably asking, “Why the hell spin up a whole gorramn VPS just for yourself?”

Because damnit, at ChipWIN, we over-engineer our solutions to an obscene degree. Who knows what Hoodie is thinking up right now behind that desk of his? [Editor’s note: Y’all don’t even know. Y’all don’t even. -Hoodie]

More seriously, we’ve been slowly consolidating our various services and solutions on the VPS. We’re able to host our own Newsletter solution, the few bots that ya’ll interact with on the Discord, and we’ve even spun up a few heavier data chunking scripts to help out our very good bud Bory over at geekbeatRadio.

Beyond that? There are plans for the future. We can’t say much, and we can’t promise timelines – after all, we’re an all volunteer crew! – but we’re doing everything we can to push ChipWIN into that glorious cyberpunk future.

Stay frosty ChipWIN – and may the Force be with you, always.


P.S. Oh yeah! Here’s some recent music I thought was neat.

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