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NEW CHIPTUNES FTW!!! \m|♥|m/ Among those that I’m posting about today are another excellent single by SMILETRON, not one but two stellar, yet starkly different releases by Starpilot, and a killer set of funky chipgroves by Whitely! The word of the day is PROLIFIC, boys and girls.

Eclipse by SMILETRON

Sparkling by Starpilot

Experimentalist by Starpilot

Decimated by Whitely

And yes, I can’t help but mention that all three of these insanely fantastic artists have tracks on the upcoming Chiptunes = WIN \m|♥|m/ compilation! 3 more EXCELLENT reasons to jump on that when it releases on June 5th. ;)

Also, THIS:

Seriously, if you’re a nerd and haven’t watched Crash Course yet, WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU? ♥

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