Clover Chain Reacts To: Tuxic – ‘Oblivion’

- Posted July 24th, 2018 by

Tuxic’s riveting concept album ‘Oblivion’ was released through Russian netlabel BleepLove in June 2018. Featuring some fantastic LSDj chops, low-fi drum’n’bass grooves, and hostile progressive metal, this music stood out to me from the moment I first heard it for its strong drive and dynamic execution. Making use of some really interesting pacing decisions alongside active melodies and uneven rhythms, the tight composition creates an intriguingly mechanical feel with incisive focus. This is balanced out nicely by the more free-spirited sound, full of surprises, where even the vocals display quite the stylistic range – composite instrumentation with a penchant for harsh qualities and sudden appearances. The most natural aspects of this album are presented through an artificial texture. The result is engaging, self-contained, expressive, abrasive, and GREAT.


Progression: Music Theory 114 – An Example of Process

- Posted July 17th, 2018 by

Hey dudes and dudettes,

Last month we covered the idea of keeping things simple for a myriad of reasons. These reasons include us restricting potential musical possibilities and enhancing sections with diversity of material, among many others. We’re at a point now where these concepts are quite difficult, so I highly recommend that you go back and read through my previous articles which will help contextualise what we know by this point. Seriously. We’re building on all of our current understanding of music theory to construct an example of how you might use these tools to write a section of music.

Let’s jam.

I don’t know… something about instructions? Cooking? Metaphors are weird.


ChipWIN-tern Presents: Networking and Brand Management

- Posted July 12th, 2018 by

Hello everyone. For this month, I decided instead of an album review or talking about a concert I thought that I might perhaps offer some help to the community at large by addressing one of the things I see as a major common weakness: poor brand management. “Wait what,” I hear you say, “why are you teaching me an Intro to Business course here? I just want some dank bleep bloops, bro!” And that’s fine, because at the end of the day is not a man entitled to the bleep from his bloops? But for those of you who are interested in getting senpai to notice you, and by senpai I mean potential fans and friends, then I have some broad and functional advice for you in terms of making sure that what music you have is available to the most people and you can start being that cool kid who wears pastel colored 80’s and 90’s era windbreaker jackets, clear Wayfarer glasses, a geeky Snapback and patterned leggings that all the convention-goers want to throw their parents’ money at. Or whatever it is YOU deem as commercial success, I guess.


Chip Mom’s Kitchen #48: Snickerdoodles

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Cooking for this article gives me a wonderful excuse to try to find new and different recipes that are not only delicious, but are often straight forward for the novice baker. I also like to find things that are quick to make because sometimes time is limited and we don’t want to spend the afternoon in the kitchen when we could be played Zelda or Hollow Knight or OneShot or Rocket League. But this month, I felt a call towards my traditional roots (and the Penzey’s Cinnamon in my cupboard), so we’re going to make…



Aydan Appreciates: ‘started commuting’ by Ello Costello

- Posted July 5th, 2018 by

Hey there, ChipWINners. It’s been a few months since I’ve written an article due to some extremely time-occupying life events, but I’m happy to be back now! At the end of May, Cheapbeats released an EP showcasing a new artist in the community named Ello Costello. This artist certainly isn’t a stranger to producing music; he’s released a few EPs independently prior to this, such as the freely composed ‘Just For Fun‘ and the environmentally influenced ‘Small Windows‘. With influence and assistance from DonutShoes, an artist who’s been featured on ‘ChipWIN: Volume 5‘ and on ‘Volume 6‘, Ello Costello makes his stunning debut in our niche with ‘started commuting’. Throughout this EP, Ello Costello draws influence from morning cityscapes, the excitement of travel, and his own musical interests. Let’s see what this release has in store for us!


Clover Chain Reacts To: Chiptunes4Autism – Volume 3

- Posted June 28th, 2018 by

A little over a month ago, Chiptunes4Autism released their highly anticipated ‘Volume 3: Forces of Neurodivergence’ compilation. Spanning around an hour and a half, the album is part of an ongoing fundraising nonprofit run by Gustuf Young (Asperkraken), focused on promoting autism positivity, and empowering people on the spectrum. Uniting a diverse group of chiptune artists from all around the world, with all kinds of backgrounds, Chiptunes4Autism organizes live showcases and a yearly compilation album. The earnings are donated to a few different causes that support opportunities, advocacy, and resources – all while giving musicians, neurodiverse or otherwise, a helpful and accepting community in the process.