Chip Bit Sid Takes On: MisfitChris – ‘Illegal Street Racing’

- Posted July 25th, 2019 by

After a long hiatus I’m back with ChipWIN writing about some chiptune music, and what better way than beginning with the fantastic album, ‘Illegal Street Racing’ by MisfitChris? This was initially released towards the end of January as solely a digital album. However, it wasn’t until June 24th, when ‘Data Airlines’ produced the cassette release of ‘Illegal Street Racing’, did it come under my radar.


Intense tech con Defense Mech – ¡EnTABLEmos una discusión!

- Posted July 23rd, 2019 by

Artículo Original de DEFENSE MECHANISM. Traducción al Español por Pixel Guy.

¡Bienvenidos de vuelta a Intense tech con Defense Mech! En esta ocasión me gustaría discutir algunas de las diferentes formas de utilizar las tables en LSDj. Espero que después de leer esta lección te inspires para usar este recurso de formas nuevas y creativas. ¡Pongamos la mesa para comenzar!

Imagen hecha por @dethrood

Aydan Appreciates: ‘Klingsardry’ by Kplecraft

- Posted July 18th, 2019 by

Long ago, deep in the archives of the 8bp community, there was an experimental, Japanese chiptune duo by the name of Kplecraft. Utilizing a wide variety of percussive instruments and a saxophone to name just a few, Kplecraft’s sound is complex in theoretical scope and instrumental diversity. After an eight-year hiatus, they’ve released a new album titled ‘Klingsardry’. Having been released through the Cheapbeats label and recommended to me by Brandon himself – not to mention, its teaser being a fully animated video set to a portion of each track – it’s safe to say that this album was destined to blow my mind.


A Square Meal: ‘Sine Sleep Session EP’ by Saitone

- Posted July 16th, 2019 by

When a long day finally comes to an end, there are just a few things we can say are ‘universally pleasant’: taking your shoes off, laying on the bed with your face on the pillow, drinking or eating something, playing some music, or taking a shower to name a few. Thinking on those little pleasures sometimes is the reason we hold ourselves together and keep going through a hard day. This time I want to bring to you a tremendous EP that would be useful in a situation like the one I just described – I’m talking about ‘Sine Sleep Session EP’ by Saitone, released through Future Disorder.

Cover art by nu11.b0t