Progression: Music Theory 107 – Time Signatures and Subdivisions

- Posted December 15th, 2017 by

Hey dudes and dudettes,

Tuberz here with my seventh article in the realm of music theory, and how you can take theory principles and apply them to your own jams. I’ve just returned from a hecking good, heaps awesome trip to Finland for a research conference, and Japan for… well… Japan. I guess. This gave me lots of time to organize my thoughts on this topic. Last month we covered the idea of secondary dominant chords, and other functional chords for pivoting into other keys and tonal areas. By this point, my articles may seem more like science fiction novels with a grounding in theoretical physics, so I think it may be wise to peruse some of my other articles to help bring you up to speed. This article is going to cover my favourite topic: Time signatures. We’ll talk about some other cool rhythmic ideas as well.

Let’s jam.

Do you like pay people for reference photos of sheet music with weird stuff on it or are you just resourceful?


Guérin’s Dissections: ‘DESTINY’ by Tri Angles

- Posted December 13th, 2017 by

‘DESTINY’ is an essay on wanderlust. It is a statement of contentment and restlessness. Tri Angles conjures amazing emotions in his music, and this album is no different. Though only loosely connected to chiptune at this point, Tri Angles is still part of the community, and his work deserves recognition for the ways it pushes genre boundaries and demonstrates composition prowess. In an album that most closely resembles the music he produced under his previous pseudonym, SMILETRON, ‘DESTINY’ truly captivates and shimmers with a unique beauty that most other musicians can only dream of. Under the fold, let’s dream together in the gem littered cave Tri Angles has constructed for us.



The Unicorn Princess Royally Reviews The ‘Posthuman’ Video by Conquer Monster

- Posted December 11th, 2017 by

Happy December, folks!

Back in November of 2015, I had the pleasure of talking with Joshua Faulkner and Daniel Romero of the Salt Lake City super synth duo known as Conquer Monster. Their album, ‘Metatransit‘, had just been released the previous month in October, and on top of being incredibly sound design savvy with a variety of instruments, synthesizers, and a C64 on their album the group also performs live and focuses a good portion of their time on reeling listeners in with visuals. Debuting on December 11, 2017, the group has taken one of their tracks ‘Posthuman’ from ‘Metatransit’ and created a retro video featuring the artists in a 90s point-and-click inspired video game.




What’s On Tap – Hide Your Tigers

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Hello friends and welcome to the chilliest What’s On Tap? in recent memory. Here in the barren wastes between the midwest and east coast of the United States, we have gone from an unseasonably warm weekend to ‘holy crap I forgot how much cold hurts’ literally overnight. But never fear, this month’s tunes are guaranteed to set fire to your speakers while the beer style is sure to warm the heart of even the coldest Grinch.

This month I have the pleasure of reviewing ‘Run From Reality’, the latest release from Hide Your Tigers on the Pterodactyl Squad netlabel. Las Vegas chip musician Cheyne Shirley is the mastermind behind this project, as well as being one half of the duo Decaying Tigers. This album is loaded from start to finish with dance/trance/EDM bangers, and Cheyne’s weapons of mass construction are a pile of Game Boys running LSDJ. Each track has layers upon layers of bass, with just enough room in the spectrum for percussion, backing pads, and the occasional melody. The album is an easy, lighthearted, and happy listen. ‘Run From Reality’ might be is best summarized by the following 15-second ad in the style of a stereotypical commercial voiceover:

Hate the cold? Seasonal Affective Disorder got ya down? Cure the holiday blues by treating yourself to some bangin’ dance tunes from Hide Your Tigers!


Aydan Appreciates: ‘sketchbook vol #1: 12-17’ by Slime Girls

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Slime Girls’ ‘Vacation Wasteland EP’ was one of the first albums I listened to when I was just getting into chipmusic, and it’s stuck with me for a really long time. Every once in a while, I listen to this classic and reminisce on the events five years ago that ended with my current involvement in the ChipWIN community as a writer and occasional musician. It really has quite a special place in my heart. So, when I saw that Slime Girls had just released a compilation of unfinished works titled ‘sketchbook vol #1: 12-17’, I jumped at the chance to give it a listen. I fell in love with a number of tracks on this enormous 23-track treasure trove, and I’m happy to share with you the ones I enjoyed the most today.


ChipWIN-tern’s Netlabels To Keep An Eye On

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I know we here at ChipWIN generally tend to stay away from Buzzfeed-y listicle-type articles, but with all the different music coming out these days it can be super hard to actually keep up with everything. If you don’t know where to look, you’ll miss something great – and if you DO know where to look, all your friends will love you for giving them dank music recommendations!* (*Note: ChipWIN does not guarantee love of any kind regardless of the circumstance.)

While this is by no means an exhaustive list, here’s some of my favorite places to find chiptune and chiptune-adjacent music.