Chip Bit Sid Takes On: Classic Mistake – ‘Geothermal’

- Posted September 25th, 2018 by

For this month I’ve been really busy with a variety of different chiptune projects, and so I’m doing a reblog of an Article I wrote back in early 2018.  ‘Classic Mistake’ is a an artist I’ve only recently come across, beginning with a cover of 0F Digital’s, ‘Mesh’ and featured in ‘The Great Australian Barbecue Bash’ compilation. What I liked about ‘Classic Mistake’ is that he almost exclusively uses ‘Nanoloop 2.0’, creating some fantastic hooks which are reminiscent to early techno. ‘Geothermal’ is Classic Mistake’s first album released under ‘Cheapbeats’. Below I have selected three tracks that stood out for me of ‘Geothermal’.


Chip Mom’s Kitchen #49: Cookin’ up MERCH!

- Posted September 20th, 2018 by

In the early years of ChipWIN, I knew very little about chiptune, but I knew I loved the community, the shows, and my soon-to-be-hubby, so I wanted to help! I’ve sold a few Girl Scout cookies in my day and I’ll talk to anything that sits still long enough; not to mention that I have an unhealthy adoration for spreadsheets and data, so I decided to dive in and become Maven of the Merch Booth!

And that’s what we’re talking about today, chip children; Brandon and I want to pass on our knowledge about…


Photo by Aspyn Oakes at ‘Freq.Fest’ in Los Angeles, CA.


Tracked x ChipWIN Presents: The Vol. 7 Expansion Release!

- Posted September 18th, 2018 by


So it’s been a month since our latest Volume compilation released. Y’all all know what that means by now, right? ಠ‿↼


Fantastic album artwork for ‘Tracked x ChipWIN’ by Xenia.


Aydan Appreciates: ‘Closed System Blues’ by Bit Shifter

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The last thirty or so days have been enormous for fans of chipmusic. Between a new boaconstructor EP, ChipWIN: Volume 7, a new Chunderfins LP, and various other new albums, we’ve been gifted with a simply staggering amount of high-quality material to soothe our ears. On September 10th, the legendary Bit Shifter has graced our community with a brand new release titled ‘Closed System Blues’. At times blissfully peaceful and pensive, and at others pugnacious and adrenalized, ‘Closed System Blues’ showcases a difficult to match diversity in composition. I’m honored to have been presented with the opportunity to review an album by this master of his craft, so without further ado, let’s dig in!


Progression: Music Theory 115 – An Example of Process [Part 2]

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Hey dudes and dudettes,

Last month we covered an example of a process that we could use for writing musical material, working from a set of chords and branching outwards. We can start to look at the alternative now, where we’ll start with the melody and then entrench it in harmony. We’re at a point now where these concepts are quite difficult, so I highly recommend that you go back and read through my previous articles which will help contextualise what we know by this point. I seriously recommend it.  This is my last article that I’m writing on this topic before taking a bit of a hiatus from the Chipwin Blog. It’s with a heavy heart that I admit my time is much less abundant as a teacher than it was as a student.

For the final time for the foreseeable future, let’s jam.

pictured: brisbane man becomes sheet music during the long winded process of registering as a music teacher


Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 7 [Tracks 41-51]

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THIS IS IT. We’ve come up to the last ten tracks of Volume 7, and I can’t begin to express the rollercoaster of emotion that was experiencing this album without being able to share the hype with everyone in our Discord channel during the release party.

Fortunately, I have a platform where I can have opinions regardless of how right or wrong I can be (thanks, Internet! <3), so without further ado, it’s time to jump into the first track on my list to cover!

Pixel Syndrome’s ultra fun entry to the V.7 art contest.