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Absinthe is a storied spirit, traveling a winding road over more than 200 years that started with it as a patent medicine.  It grew to a widely popular drink with cultural influence, being driven underground by being falsely associated with violent crime and mental illness, and finally being largely decriminalized by 2011.


Seriously, heckuva story.

History aside, absinthe isn’t for everyone.  The anise flavor is strong with this spirit.  So much so that I’ve seen cocktail recipes calling for naught but a rinse of the glass.  Further, it packs a wallop.  Distilled absinthe is typically between 45% and 74% ABV, though some modern cold-mixed varieties can reach 89.9% ABV.

If you don’t ken to either of those factoids, then do yourself a solid and drink something you’ll actually enjoy.  However, if like myself, you love the taste of black licorice and occasionally drinking something semi-pretentious in moments of contemplation, then by all means, stick around.


Two critical components are needed to best capture the spirit of idle contemplation.  The first is a good absinthe, and the other is good idling music.

In regards to the former, I went with Absinthe Ordinaire.  I highly advise beginning by asking your local liquor purveyor their preference, but for what my taste is worth, I’ve enjoyed Lucid, Wild Card, and AO, with AO being the best bang for the buck.

Regarding the latter, Whitely‘s extremely recent release with The Waveform Generators, सन लाइफ मौत, is a great EP to add to your meditative Chip collection.  Whip yourself up one of these recipes, sit back in a fine chair, turn on this music, and contemplate whatever mysteries plague your brain box.

The Classic Black

Being one to not miss an excuse to consume some good coffee, this drink is a dead simple variant of the traditional French method of absinthe prep.


  • 1-2 Ounces of absinthe (depending on how much kick you’d like)
  • 6 ounces of ice cold coffee
  • 1 sugar cube or 1 tsp of brown sugar
  • A small glass
  • An absinthe or small slotted spoon


  1. Add your absinthe to your small glass
  2. Place the spoon such that the slots drain into the absinthe
  3. Place the sugar on the spoon
  4. Gently pour the ice cold coffee over the sugar
  5. Once the coffee is completely added, use the spoon to stir everything together
  6. Drink

Mint Tea Absinthe Ice

Perfect for beating heat and sobriety, this recipe takes minimal prep and just a bit of patience.


Wooden Popsicle sticks may lead to less breakage.


  • 1/4 Cup Absinthe
  • 3/4 Cup Double Strength Mint Tea
  • A teaspoon of honey
  • A mixing bowl
  • Popsicle Forms


  1. Add all the liquids into a mixing bowl
  2. Mix them up good
  3. Pour into your Popsicle forms
  4. Deposit in freezer
  5. Wait until frozen
  6. Consume
  7. (optional) Get brain freeze


For those of you who’ve elected to give absinthe a chance, I hope either one, or both, of these recipes will tantalize your tongue.  If you haven’t, but have stuck around to the end anyway, have whatever sort of drink you want because you too have the power of awesome.

Now, with drink in hand, crank those tunes and…

Get out there, spread the Win, and enjoy the delicious!



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