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Y’ello there chip-winners!

I’m back again with another review, but this time, it’s gonna be different. I had the pleasure of going to 8Static Fest a few weeks ago (as a performer too!) and I thought what better way to share my experience of the whole event by making a review! And don’t worry, there’s plenty of memes, hence the Philadelphia chiptune scene.


The general atmosphere of the event compared to others I have attended in the past year was exceptionally positive, even in these trying times for many in this scene. The fact that everyone was able to come together as a supportive community and rock out to some amazing acts, really made this show feel more connected than any other event this year.


For real though, check out this lineup.

Now in terms of the act playing, I won’t be able to share every act without this article being as long as ‘The Odyssey’ so I’ll only be going into a few of my personal favorites. The acts were selected in a way that flowed well for each day, usually starting with some chill acts such as Sylcmyk and Umin. Both were exceptional and very unique in terms of their sound, with Umin giving a more intellectual feel with some interesting means of instrumentation, while Sylcmyk offered a soundscape of complex instrumentation and composition that really gets you in the mood.

Then the show moved into more intense and involved acts such as p0cky br0s, Solarbear, Corset Lore, and nml styl, all of which had the chiptune timbres and tonality we all love, but mixed with instrumentation like guitars (in the case of Solarbear and nml styl), vocals (Corset Lore), and in a very unexpected twist, p0cky br0s on the tuba. Yes. That actually happened.

And of course, each night ended on some of the best acts out of the entire event. These included Dollfin’s 1xLSDj trap insanity, Goto80 who brought some insane screamo with a hint of polka, Saskrotch who absolutely killed with the most insane remix of Chibi-Tech’s ‘Moe Moe Kyunstep’, and the ever-popular Fearofdark showing off his best (and some unreleased) jazzy grooves.

The visualists were also absolutely fantastic. Ohhinaifu, Enerjawn, Claire Kwong, and Victoria Weird (just to name a few) provided a great mix of psychedelic and intense bright visuals, each with their own personal touch. They all made sure to compliment their acts, and executed their craft flawlessly. Without them, something would’ve felt missing from the entire show.

What really made the entire event special to me out of everything, was the fact that I was on the lineup with these amazing acts. The experience of playing a major festival like 8Static is unparalleled to anything I’ve done before, as the staff were an absolute blast to work with. Not only this, but the feeling of being able to share my work with so many amazing folk was the best. It was an interesting set for me though, as I completed 2 collaboration tracks that were debuted there (one with Guérin, and the other with Dollfin which was completed 7 hours before the performance). I could go on, but in short; it was an awesome opportunity to play this festival.


If you want a quick taste of what happened, watch these 3 amazing recap videos by The Kenz Variety!


Overall, if you ever have the chance to attend next year’s 8Static Fest or any 8Static show in general, it is more than worth the price of a ticket. 10/10, would most certainly go again!


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