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Hey there readers!

It’s been another fantastic month in chiptune what with all these crazy announcements and albums releasing like nobody’s business! One of which is the return of Thebasebit Recordings, who have been putting out some outstanding work as of late. This month, we’re treated to another great album. An0va is back with some Amiga based footwork in ‘Double Density,’ an album that comes as a surprise compared to his usual intellectual take on the chiptune medium through releases like ‘Ego Depletion.’ Let’s take a look at this interesting new direction he’s taken on, shall we?

Starting off with the track ‘GON GET GOT,’ we’re immediately thrown into the footwork mood with fantastic sample-work using the 808 drum-kit and vocal chops, not to mention some mellow yet impressive chords. The song starts out with straight vocal chops and kit action. It’s the perfect start to the album, and really gets you in the mood for what’s to come. Not to mention the fantastic remix little-scale has done included at the end of the album.

Next up is ‘listen,’ which really focuses on vocal chops as a main driver for the melody. Pair it with a sampled guitar loop and more synth chords and you get one really catchy track. This more or less loops for the duration of the song, but an0va makes slight edits to those loops to make the track feel fresh. On top of this, the melody is just so damn catchy. A lot of this album follows this structure, but each track does it in their own special way that makes them new and exciting.

After that, we have ‘dirty’; a track that starts off with some subtle low-mid chords and vocal chops but adds so much in terms of its backing drum track. The beats in this track get very complex and varied as it progresses. The track itself is very bass centric, and while the melody is repetitive, it’s a very enjoyable and danceable track.

‘godzilluh’ follows up with probably one of the most interesting songs on the album. The beat behind this track gets insane as it continues, and pairing this with some interesting chords that sound like they came right out of a Japanese monster movie makes the song so much more special. It’s one of the best tracks on this release for its instrumentation, in my opinion.

Following this, we have ‘MOD SQUA,’ which starts out with some piano chords which really provide a feel that you wouldn’t expect from this album. While past tracks were more along the lines of minor keys, this track has a very happy and playful feel to it. The piano really sticks out, and goes surprisingly well with the 808.

Lastly, is my personal favorite off this album; ‘recognize’; a perfect sendoff for this release. Vocal chops are done very well, and it’s one of the most quintessential examples of footwork done right. The chords have a bit of punch and the 808 comes in swinging, not holding anything back. The track really puts you in a trance, to the point where I ended up jamming to this track so much on loop that I forgot I was writing this review (whoops).  On top of this, it’ given an amazing remix by DJ FLP, who gives the track a bit of a glitchy feel.

Overall, this album is one of my favorites that an0va has released just because of how different it is from the rest of his discography. If you ever feel like jamming out to some beat heavy tracks and you have $5 burning a hole in your pocket, this album is totally worth it.

I give ‘Double Density’ an 8/10.

– Nanode OUT!


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