Sam Sher’s Year In Review

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So that was a year huh.

A lot of good things happened. A lot of bad things happened. But most importantly, a lot of chiptune things happened! In this here article, I’ll be going over my highlights of this year both in terms of releases and shows!

So get ready to go down memory lane!

Me thinking about life & chiptune & junk.

Releases this year were some of the most interesting I’ve heard in awhile.

There were some really cerebral pieces that came out such as Tri Angle’s drum & bass album ‘REBEL SOUL’, which pushed the boundaries of sampling in LSDj. In general, it had very dark sound that I really enjoyed, and driving melodies that aren’t like any other chiptune release you’ve heard before.

On top of this, there’s an0va’s latest release titled ‘Double Density’, which was an entirely different direction from what we’re normally used to hearing from him. This time around, he’s showed off his skills with the Amiga by throwing down some really amazing footwork inspired beats.

Though one of my personal favorites this year was ‘Stardust’ by Skybox (formerly known as Shoujo Kiss). I have a guilty pleasure of liking really cutesy “KAWAII ‘TILL I DIE” kind of music and this album certainly scratched that itch. It even comes in strong with ‘æther’ which is an amazing collaboration with the ever talented ‘Tobekegao’.

And speaking of kawaii, I forgot to mention the short EP from chalkboards titled ‘h.a.k.a.s’. It features a really heartfelt cover of ‘Be Wherever You Are’ from one of my absolute favorite ‘Steven Universe’ episodes, and my favorite track of this year titled ‘sweet tea lemonade’. The song itself has so much soul put into every line, measure, and note. It makes me emotional every time I hear it, and that’s what I love about it.

Moving on from those fantastic releases, we come to the many shows and festivals of this past year, starting with MAGFest. When it came to the chiprave this year, there was really nothing else like it. The lineup was shaken up to bring some variety from the selection we’ve had in past years, and it was a really heavy hitting lineup. When you have Shirobon, Chipzel, and Boaconstructor on the same stage, you can’t expect to leave without being exhausted from the insane level of bangers.

But if you want to really talk about bangers, ‘Little Sound Assembly’ didn’t disappoint in that department. Artists like Infodrive, Doomcloud, Monotony, DBOYD, and Veno-Sci (just to name a few) absolutely destroyed the venue. I even had the pleasure of playing alongside these acts, which was an absolute dream come true (shoutout to Hypnogram for making that happen).

And lastly, there’s ‘8Static Fest’, which really killed it this year in terms of its lineup and the community surrounding it. This was yet another show I had the pleasure of playing at, and it was quite possibly the best experience I’ve ever had playing live. People were very receptive and excited for every act no matter what day or time of night it was. Emily and the 8Static team did an amazing job of getting this together, and it was an honor to be involved.


This year, in general, has been an amazing despite some not so great things happening irl. We were able to pull through and make something great out of 2016, and we are still at it! 2017 is just a day or so away, and while it will definitely be trying for all of us, we have the power to pull through and make things happen, spread joy, and help those in need.

And speaking of, I thought I would help kick off this year by releasing not only 1 but 2 albums in the same month! On the 1st, I’ll be dropping the entirety of my LSDj LP (titled ‘Voyager’) on my Bandcamp (1/12 for everywhere else).

… And on the 30th I’ll be releasing my first 2A03 based release titled ‘Paradise’ which includes some of my more popular tracks.

Let’s make sure 2017 KICKS ASS!!

– Nanode OUT!


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