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“There is a sand’s golem in my mind. I wrote a musical story about him and his journey around the world. Dreams are the best part of inspiration :)” – Yoann Turpin sums up his newest release ‘Monkey Golem Pixel Story’.


With such fantastical imagery loaded front and ready, let’s delve into Yoann Turpin’s latest masterclass: ‘Monkey Golem Pixel Story’!

Released August 18th, 2015, ‘Monkey Golem Pixel Story’ is an ambient smash of chiptune, electronica, funk, and jazz that surrounds and embraces you right from the start with clear, deliberate purpose. The overall tone is a clear, echoing, and ambient playground in which Yoann experiments with intricate jazz melodies that flit and dance around the stability of the album’s chiptune foundation. ‘Monkey Golem Pixel Story’ is a seven track wonder that is simply put, a must-listen for chiptune fans and creators alike.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the album’s first track, ‘Once Upon a Time’:

‘Once Upon a Time’ capitalizes on a light-hearted piano melody to introduce us to ‘Monkey Golem Pixel Story’s orchestral composition, meshing together with a rippling chip foundation that compels intrigue in the coming journey. Elegant strings tones warm the atmosphere while the music swells to its full, setting the pace for the album with dreamy yet deliberate precision.

‘Golem Creatio’ has a mildly “transylvanian” vibe with its use of organ and a deceptively ominous direction. The juxtaposition of playful familiar tones with this darker through-line creates a clear sense of trepidation; like a tinkerer ready to breathe life into her experimental golem creation. Yoann’s ability to mesh a particularly entrancing string arrangement with an almost Victorian “chipsicord” is a moment to marvel within ‘Golem Creatio’ in particular.

‘Entdeckung Spiel’ is incredible. Haunting tones methodically drip like water from a stalactite while droning strings lay down a mix of hope and dread. Easily my favorite track on the album for its swollen orchestral composition, ‘Entdeckung Spiel’ showcases Turpin’s style and creativity in a succinct, no-nonsense approach, building layer upon layer while hints of chip fuse themselves into the piece with careful fluidity.

‘Trabajo’ is a relaxing jaunt through light, tickled piano tones within a sparse chiptune melody. Travel comes to mind, and the track transitions to what can be described as the audio representation of a starry night, with singular cascading chimes twinkling in and out of existence, solidifying a true sense of time passing; transitioning from day to night, and back to day once more. ‘Trabajo’ does what I wrongfully assumed was impossible: delivering a poignant, artful audio travel montage that shifts our hero golem’s journey across the album’s midpoint and into…

‘Castello Defence’ absorbs a darker, drudging crawl through a much more funk-centric experiment. The melody is fed by multiple intermittent chip tones all leaping in and out of the spotlight as if checking to see if it’s safe to leave the safety of their caves. The unpredictable bassline scuttling underneath ‘Castello Defence’ brings a delicious sinister mood, and light synth inclusions act as an intermediary between the lighter orchestral tones and the track’s darker chip vibes, creating a subtle tug-of-war that skillfully bridges ‘Trabajo’ into the next track, ‘Am I Magical ?’…

‘Am I magical ?’ is self-aware and oh-so-child-like in its ethereal composition; flowing orchestral tones carry themselves weightlessly over the calming sounds of turntable static and off-beat chiptune with a mind of its own. The result is a pitch-perfect explorational accompaniment to Turpin’s Golem’s thematic conundrum: Am I magical..? :)

‘Monkey Golem Epilogue’ closes out the album with beautiful ambient funk-chip, a traditional chip melody over an understated drum kit solidifies the groove while a vibrant improvisational melody takes hold and dances around the track’s foundation with ease, captivating and sending off our faithful golem in style, in peace, having ventured, survived, and thrived through Turpin’s musical story.

‘Monkey Golem Pixel Story’ 100% delivers on its premise. The music throughout the album encapsulates Turpin’s globe-trotting-golem’s aspirations and provides an unmatched journey with an inspired combination of funk, jazz, and chiptune music. The journey from start to finish is a masterclass in using music to paint a rich and complete story. If you weren’t already a fan of Yoann’s work, you will be.

Yoann Turpin has a backlog of diverse work available on Bandcamp dating back to 2012 for those who have fallen in love with ‘Monkey Golem Pixel Story’ and can’t wait to tumble down the chip-rabbit hole. Yoann’s evolution in three years is an incredible ride, and you’re going to be sure to find more than a few new favorites during your journey through his catalogue.


‘Monkey Golem Pixel Story’ is available for purchase on Bandcamp for €5 (or more) and comes highly recommended. Yoann Turpin is a proven soundsmith who deserves your ears, your praise, and your support. Pick up your copy of ‘Monkey Golem Pixel Story’ RIGHT NOW!

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