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In the darkness of chip-space, For Astronauts and Satellites provide ‘A Homing Light’ to guide you home.

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For Astronauts and Satellites are a three piece postrock/chip band from the South East of England, releasing their self-titled debut album back in June of 2014. Their latest EP ‘A Homing Light’ will be available on Bandcamp starting on Boxing Day, December 26th, 2014.

‘A Homing Light’ is an EP of three tracks built using drums, two guitars, and a whole lot of chiptune. The mix of organic live instruments with precision chip sounds really works here. The decision to go lyric-less and allow the music to stand for itself is a bold one, as all three tracks on ‘A Homing Light’ could fit well as alternative radio hits. As curated ambience, ‘A Homing Light’ tells a story of a different nature; the theme of finding hope in the dark expanse is clearly evident and holds ‘A Homing Light’ together like superglue.

Droning chip sounds lay the framework for ‘They Should Have Warned Us Years Ago’, guiding a live drum kit into the fold that provides a unique grounded dynamic to the chip it accompanies. The inclusion of an audio recording quoting American physicist Robert Oppenheimer, the scientific director of the Manhattan Project, is haunting and deftly cements the track’s “what have we become” theme. Serene yet hard-hitting, ‘They Should Have Warned Us Years Ago’ is a powerful, gripping album opener.

‘A Homing Light’ blends a sense of foreboding with a rise against the machine using live guitar to offer a beacon that cuts through the weight of intricate chip, offering peace beyond the chaos. The effect is captivating as distant echoes coax hope from the darkness, again employing the live drum kit with insightful grounding among the electronica. With several creative unexpected shifts and changes throughout, ‘A Homing Light’ plays more akin to an odyssey-like journey, which is refreshing and welcome.

‘Echoing Endlessly’, the EP’s final track takes a more traditional approach to composition with a building beat off the top between the drums and swelling chip, setting the stage for beautiful guitar riffs floating over the set foundation, allowing a clever and sustained build of chip arrangements and guitar riffs over the track’s deceptive six-minute run time; it’s over before you can blink, and it leaves you craving more. ‘Echoing Endlessly’ is a beautiful piece of rock/chip ambience that does much to shift chip music into an accessible space for people new to the genre while successfully pushing boundaries.


For Astronauts and Satellites are currently crowdfunding on GoFundMe to organize a U.S. tour, and they are currently one-third of the way toward their goal of £1500. If you would like to support the band’s tour, you can do just that by donating to their GoFundMe. There are several tiers of support available, with varying perks including postcards, signed copies of their album, and more.

For more about For Astronauts and Satellites, our very own President Hoodie sat down with Matt Squibb, the self-described “Guitarist/Gameboyist(?)” of For Astronauts and Satellites for an in-depth interview last month about the band.

‘A Homing Light’ EP releases December 26th, 2014, and comes highly recommended.

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