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‘Autre’ by xyce is one of those “YOU GOT CHOCOLATE IN MY PEANUT BUTTER” moments if the peanut butter was a grassy meadow of adorable frolicking chip-bunnies and the chocolate was a giant head-bangin’ bridge troll shoulder-checking said bunnies into a mosh-pit style frenzy.



Get hooked with this intriguing mix with the title track ‘autre’, then jump into the article for a closer look at the full album ‘autre’ by xyce!

‘autre’ by xyce:

Released under the Cheapbeats label on June 6th, 2016, xyce’s ‘autre’ revels in joyous melodies coated in a raw, frayed texture to create a musical playground where Roel and Tom of xyce frolic with reckless abandon. The spectrum of ‘autre’ ranges from the delightfully sweet high energy melodies in ‘champe de frais’ and ‘nouveau fromage’ to the grungy depths with ‘bass aller’ and ‘fierte’, offering a little chip-experiment for everyone. The overriding undercurrent of the album is FUN; ‘autre’ doesn’t hope that you’ll like it, but instead relishes its own enjoyment and dares you to climb aboard to join the party. That kind of bravery and confidence in its presentation is the reason ‘autre’ is worth your time.


xyce accomplish in ‘autre’ what many artists can only chase in vain: delightful, euphoric joy through raw, unbridled confidence. Any fear of failure or missed marks simply does not read here throughout ‘autre’ as xyce experiment with every track like Frankenstein and an adorable chibi version of his monster, and that clear-cut confidence is the soapbox with which xyce revels in its latest offering. ‘autre’ is about finding joy in all the odd places, and there’s something genuinely wonderful about that ideal that comes across loud and clear throughout the album.

‘champe de frais’ by xyce:

There’s a cheerfulness to ‘champs de frais’ that serves to instantly hook you into xyce’s happy-go-lucky sound; an “embrace what you have” quality where an overt rawness is deliberately employed to infuse ‘champe de frais’ with life. Powerful melodic flourishes demand your attention and sweeping chirps crest in the background as the melody confidently strides forefront above a kickin’ drum kit to introduce us to xyce’s musical mindset: joyous fanfare. Tenacity and fearlessness explode all over ‘autre’, and ‘champe de frais’ is the perfect “track one” to showcase xyce’s musical philosophy.



‘miami’ by xyce:

‘miami’ employs a gorgeously dank warbling bass as its foundation while xyce’s signature infectious melodic joy floats overtop. There is an in-your-face defiance woven throughout ‘miami’ that screams “I dare you to enjoy this because WE DO!” that is counter-intuitive at first, but the truth is that it’s that very attitude that permeates the album with a righteous curiosity beyond compare in recent memory. The core of ‘autre’ rests on that ideal that the album is presented without need for approval, rather a celebration captured in audio form for those who desire to join in the fun, and that is a refreshing proposition indeed.


‘nouveau fromage’ by xyce:

xyce harnesses an intricacy that helps ‘nouveau fromage’ stand out from the other upbeat high-energy tracks on the album, exploring much more nuanced shifts and harmonies than the majority of ‘autre’. The result is a resounding fanfare track that demands you keep up with it as cacophonies of chirping tones flit and flutter about in the background, complimenting ‘nouveau fromage’s frenetic melody with surprising precision. The entire track feels like it’s one left turn away from stability, but it’s a thrilling danger that succeeds in capturing your attention and refusing to release its hold until the very end.


‘bass aller’ by xyce:

It would be disingenuous to review ‘autre’ and cherry-pick the cheerful “yin” songs while completely sidestepping the much harder, heavier “yang” side of the album of which ‘bass aller’ is a tentpole track. ‘bass aller’ attacks immediately with deep, heavy grunge-fueled crunches right off the top, laying out the boundaries for an unrelenting, hard-hitting dance track. When the mid-point break down hits, xyce table-flips any notion of playing it safe with a sick resurgence into the final half, making ‘bass aller’ one of the more defined outlying tracks on ‘autre’, offering a slice of punch-you-in-the-face among an album of high-floating happy tracks.


‘autre’ by xyce:

‘autre’ encompasses all of the joy and power explored throughout the rest of xyce’s album with two feet planted firmly in chirpy high-energy, with the welcome drum and bass that has cemented its place throughout the entirety of the album.  ‘autre’ acts as a palate cleanser after the heavy-duty ground-pounds of ‘autre’s gut-punching grunge tracks, and a send-off tribute to the albums gleeful upbeat explorations. All in all, ‘autre’ represents the best of the album: power, joy, and confidence.

‘autre’ by xyce is jam-packed with exploration, left-of-centre ventures, and wild carefree fun. ‘autre’ is available for download now on for $7USD (or more) and comes highly recommended. Grab a copy and support xyce in their bid to stretch their chip-muscles into new, exciting, and definitely unique avenues.

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