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‘Brigador, Up-Armored EP’ delivers heavy-duty rockin’ neo-80’s cyberpunk dreamwave by the mech-load.

‘Brigador, Up-Armored EP’ is at times post-apocalyptic ambience, and others a swell of in-the-thick-of-it cyberpunk espionage. Narrative threads weave tales of a government in need of overthrowing and missions involving mech-based anarchy through spoken narrations, enriching and evolving ‘Brigador, Up-Armored EP’s themes above tonal speculation. Tumultuousness oozes from track to track with thematic ease, and deliver distilled dreamwave you’re going to love.

Choose the mechanized horror of your discontent, strap in, and stride guns blazing into the full review of ‘Brigador, Up-Armored EP’!

Brigador is an isometric cyberpunk mech shooter released June 2017 for PC, Mac and Linux. ‘Brigador, Up-Armored EP’ is a compilation brought together by Makeup and Vanity Set featuring the work of Dallas Campbell, Troxum, The Alphabet Zero, Auxcide, Gavin Singleton, and Pilotpriest to create a Neo-80’s soundtrack for the aforementioned Brigador. Generally positive reviews of the game run rampant online, so if you’re into dystopian bullet-hell mech shooters steeped in cyberpunk, you’re going to want to play this game.

As for ‘Brigador, Up-Armored EP’, this album SINGS. The entire compilation is brooding, chilling, and tense. Distinct musical approaches by the collection of included artists offer clear departures from their talented counterparts while clinging to the cohesive dystopian narrative embellished by the inclusion of several aforementioned voice-over monologues. Grim realities of reclaiming the fragments of a crippled civilization by any means necessary rip away any hope of a peaceful resolution, and ‘Brigador, Up-Armored EP’ provides the gritty undercurrent to sweep you into this dystopia.

A highlight of several standout tracks continues below:

‘One Last Contract’ by Dallas Campbell

Dallas Campbell plays with the technological side of Brigador’s futuristic dystopia in ‘One Last Contract’. The clever stylized ring of a cell phone during the opening moments pulls you into that moment when the people you swore you’d never work for again come calling for (you guessed it) ‘One Last Contract’. The gradual swell of the ever-echoing melody doubles down on a feeling of being unable to escape your duty and a persistent drum and bass march you ever closer toward the inevitable confrontation. Effective minimalistic composition allows for contemplative negative space, enveloping you in the dread of the pilot forced to play out one more mission.


‘Vorobey March’ by Troxum

‘Vorobey March’ begins with an absolutely captivating assault of conflicting cybernetic tones while a waterfall of tones converge to form an evolving chaotic melody that is purposefully intelligent in its composition. Runs of distant growling synthetics widen the scope of ‘Vorobey March’s cornucopia as the melody fights for your attention. An abrupt firefight ends the track, cementing a sense of off-putting danger before the battle ends with neither side a clear victor.


‘Wisp’ by Auxcide

Auxcide is known for intricate, evocative work and ‘Wisp’ only underscores that reputation. A whimsical yet fervent introductory cascade lulls you into submission before exploding into an all-encompassing explosion (in some cases literally) of desperate urgency. That ever-present whimsy in the form of the persistent melody acts as a delightful delusion diverting attention from a harsh reality, as though the only way to escape the chaos and horror is to escape into a world of your own safe design. Static crackles, filling the cracks between the booming drones until the drums break down for a destructive crumbling of all instruments, ending in a political speech calling for rebellion…


‘From the Ashes of Yesterday’ by Gavin Singleton

Gavin Singleton builds an epic tale through the 9 minute run time of ‘From the Ashes of Yesterday’, beginning with a quiet deep synth ‘heartbeat’ and a graceful, sparse piano. Thin strings drift in and out as the heartbeat grows full until a welcome peaceful interlude takes hold and tempers the sullen intro with an ever-growing calm. A new bright echoing melody appears as if to make thoughts of rebuilding after such devastation a tangible reality. Exceptionally constructed, Gavin successfully paints a gripping story as dark elements return to threaten the hope emerging ‘From the Ashes of Yesterday’…


‘Don’t Forget to Breathe’ by Pilotpriest

‘Don’t Forget to Breathe’ builds itself with prowess as Pilotpriest maintains a sense of preparation meeting the moment of execution. There is a palpable feeling of trepidation mimicking butterflies before a moment of commitment, employed through an ever-shifting myriad of percussion, static and warbling harmonies. Pilotpriest’s message is one of finding focus through the cacophony, reminding us that in the chaos and uncertainty the most important thing is that we ‘Don’t Forget to Breathe’.

A cohesive, hauntingly immersive experience featuring an array of talented perspectives, ‘Bridador, Up-Armored EP’ is a well-curated compilation album deserving of your time, attention, and support.

‘Brigador, Up-Armored EP’ is available now on Bandcamp for $7USD (or more) and comes highly recommended. Download a copy, check out the individual links below and support continued releases from these talented artists.

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