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‘C:\>CHKDSK /F’ by MASTER BOOT RECORD is, in a word, beautiful.


Individually, the sounds and tones employed by MASTER BOOT RECORD could be lazily considered harsh, hardcore, heavy, or metal. Make no mistake, I am not making the claim that they aren’t these things. I am imploring that you look deeper. Together, they twist and compliment in ways that are intrinsically beautiful in the most complimentary use of the word, offering an expectedly intense album that unexpectedly oozes grace and allure.

Delve into the full review below and drink in ‘C:\>CHKDSK /F’ by MASTER BOOT RECORD…

MASTER BOOT RECORD excels at building tension through music. It is that buildup and release of tension that underpins layers of drudging atmosphere with deliciously evocative ambience to create emotional through lines that raise ‘C:\>CHKDSK /F’ into must-listen status. The intricacy and clear thoughtfulness through deliberate composition compounds the intrigue of a “you got chiptune in my metal” mashup that WORKS.


‘IO.SYS’ leads down the rabbit hole with slow builds of droning tones into a crisp percussion set up while an evolving electronic melody flits and floats into the soundscape, gradually melding with the beat until fusing together in dynamic fashion. The chip melody draws out the evocative yet hidden nature of the droning tones while those same droning tones grip the electronic melody so as to act as a tether, keeping the electronica in a sweet spot of authoritative compliment. The resulting blend takes the best of each other while allowing each to share in the spotlight.


‘XCOPY.EXE’ begins with a killer electric guitar blend and drum kit, securing the foundation while electronic melodies weave overhead with full force. Key use of breaks in percussion highlight the melody in a truly haunting silent undercurrent, bursting back into form in a cat-and-mouse dynamic compliment that sends chills down spines.


‘COMMAND.COM’ attacks hard and fast with an assault of heavy metal percussion and electric guitar in an intriguingly oppressive fashion while the electronica fights for air; a decidedly different direction than the above highlighted tracks. ‘COMMAND.COM’ exudes a fight for survival in a way that exemplifies desperation beyond previous offerings with an emphasis on drowning out fleeting chip melodies in explosive percussive fanfare, evoking a strong sense of encroaching turmoil and a miraculous hope for survival against insurmountable odds.


‘FORMAT.EXE.’ takes a much slower approach than previous highlights, alluding to an uncharacteristically exploratory journey, only to step on the gas with razor precision to decimate that false perception and launch into a dark, intricate myriad of synchronicity between MBR’s electronic and droning tones until the two are so melodically in sync that the track fuses the two in a euphoric, climactic end.

‘VIRTUAVERSE.GIF’ is an exciting piece of cyberpunk-metal tying into an upcoming indie game called Virtuaverse. The shift into cyberpunk is a truly captivating weave alongside MASTER BOOT RECORD’s industrial sound, absorbing the gravitas of the deep cut heavy metal into the mysterious ethereal tones of cyberpunk; the resulting mesh is unquestionably decadent.

MASTER BOOT RECORD has released an incredible album in ‘C:\>CHKDSK /F’ that will appeal to even the most discerning of high-energy electronic and chip fans alike. With expansive direction, unique melds of chiptune, electronica and heavy metal, ‘C:\>CHKDSK /F’ does what most would assume can’t be done: cross all three into a performance worthy of mainstream exposure. Fans of one will fall in love with the others, and MASTER BOOT RECORD will be responsible for an influx of new fans to all three soundscapes.

Beauty resides in the most unconventional of places. Gripping, explorative, and expansive, ‘C:\>CHKDSK /F’ by MASTER BOOT RECORD is newfound paradise.

‘C:\>CHKDSK /F’ by MASTER BOOT RECORD comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and is available for download now on Bandcamp for €1, or download a full discography including 4 albums for €4!

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