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Shirobon is a well-known name with the ChipWIN Blog, with 3 previous album reviews within in the past 2 years for ‘The Arcade Dream‘, ‘Distant Reality‘, and ‘Back Tracking‘. Shirobon’s seemingly unending streak of hard work continues with his latest release, ‘Infinity’.

‘Infinity’ takes the best parts of Shirobon’s musical affinity and distills them into a fantastically danceable electronic album that chiptune fans and electronica fans will love.

Hit play on Shirobon’s track ‘This Love’ below from his new album ‘Infinity’ and discover why this love is for REAL


Shirobon has a knack for creating infectious, memorable dance tracks and ‘Infinity’ is a synth-tastic, chip-tacular experience beyond anything this talented artist has released.

Let’s jump into a few of ‘Infinity’s standout tracks! First up is ‘Meteor’:

‘Meteor’ rocks a quirky melody over a low pumping bass and an ever-present drum kit. This juxtaposition maintains an underlying sense of urgency and discovery beneath a synth fanfare. ‘Meteor’ literally demands that you put your hands up in the air, with cheering vocals that underscore the fun Shirobon conveys throughout ‘Meteor’, setting the stage for the remainder of the album to be an energetic, audience-participation-required spectacle.

Next up is ‘Chiptuna’:

‘Chiptuna’ writhes full-force in a dank, grungy electronica dance beat, toying with expectation with left-of-centre pattern shifts, building and building toward a cyclical return to that original hypnotic grunge opener. Shirobon excels here with intricate finesse, bobbing and weaving through established patterns to find nuance in unexpected places, all without losing the power of the house dance beat. Crank this one if you want to lose yourself in a hard trance beat.

And finally, ‘Little Calculations’:

‘Little Calculations’ plays with much lighter tones, keeping one foot faithfully within the dance beat conventions established early within ‘Infinity’, diverging to explore perky upper synth tones flitting high above a pulsing underground bass to create the sense of hope within an otherwise haunting atmosphere. A swell of piano as the track reaches its climax reinvigorates a wealth of synth accompaniment working to bridge the gap between the two opposing forces; the result is eerie and mesmerizing.

‘Infinity’ secures itself as a high-caliber album full of finesse, free-flowing experimentation, and impenetrable foundations. Shirobon does a thorough job exploring ‘Infinity’s niche, and delivers a valuable, danceable, unforgettable musical experience that is second only to seeing Shirobon perform live.

‘Infinity’ by Shirobon is available NOW on Bandcamp for £6 GBP (or more) and is highly recommended. Go pick it up and support this hard working (and high-delivering) artist!

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