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Beatscribe’s ‘One Deck Dungeon’ complimentary soundtrack sets the mood for your next dungeon crawl.


‘One Deck Dungeon’ is an ambient soundtrack designed to accompany flights of the newly released card game of the same name by Asmadi Games, successfully kickstarted back on June 9th, 2016.

Beatscribe is a 10 year veteran of the electronic scene and a “go-to” producer of iOS soundtracks, which makes Beatscribe’s inclusion on Asmadi Games’ One Deck Dungeon project a no-brainer. Beatscribe’s supplementary soundtrack offers 10 tracks to delve into; five well-rounded staples of dungeon-crawling locales, and five softer re-imaginings for those times when your adventure requires a certain level of panache.

The card came One Deck Dungeon raised an impressive $122,632 earlier this year and initial shipments of the game are scheduled for late 2016. This compact game is interestingly complex, simulating a full dungeon crawl using one multipurpose deck to explore, encounter traps and treasure,

As Asmadi Games’ 13th kickstarter, One Deck Dungeon is a compact game with tonnes of replay value. As a soundtrack, ‘One Deck Dungeon’ offers a 16-bit inspired swell of adventurous moods for every staple locale. Let’s jump into the main five tracks below for a better sense of ‘One Deck Dungeon’:

‘Dragon’s Cave’ leaps in with both feet, wholeheartedly embracing a 16-bit adventuring fanfare. Rousing drums time the march toward glory while synth horns build out a heroic melody. The Final Fantasy and Secret of Mana influences are immediate and forefront with ‘Dragon’s Cave’ as the soundtrack’s main purpose is to compliment your game while remaining thoughtful yet unobtrusive much in the way a classic video game soundtrack is composed. ‘Dragon’s Cave’ is a strong lead track that assures you’re getting exactly what you need to flesh out your looming adventure.

‘Yeti’s Cavern’ employs a smattering of sparkling chimes to create an icy echoing soundscape over a decidedly classic synth drum kit for a mix of trademark retro and whimsy that paints a cold, cavernous setting for your more abominable adventures. The energy is more active here than other tracks on ‘One Deck Dungeon’, brewing a sense of exciting discovery and wonder as opposed to an ever-present danger. Beatscribe’s choice to brighten ‘Yeti’s Cavern’ with glistening chimes works overtime convey crystal clear wonderment in a long untouched snowy cave; an underscoring of Beatscribe’s ability to capture and convey a fantasy locale musically.

‘Hydra’s Reef’ enjoys a 13/4 time signature that really sets this track into a deliciously unsettling groove. It’s difficult to anticipate the hooks and changes due to the compositional structure, which plays brilliantly with the idea of searching for dangers lurking just below the water’s surface. A flitting melody ducks and dives through a droning bassline like an explorer through vines, eager to uncover hidden treasures and lamenting an unshakeable sense that someone or something is watching from the shadows nearby. Beatscribe showcases strength of tone with complex interweaving composition here making ‘Hydra’s Reef’ by far the highlight of the album.

‘Lich’s Tomb’ embraces haunting pans and echoing tambourines to launch the listener deep underground, employing a sharp melody to instil a real sense of ancient danger alongside the drones of tortured spirits. Heavy drums ensure treachery is looming around the next corner and arcing synth shrieks fade into the darkness, creating an exciting, unnerving tone fit for a romp through decrepit archaeology.

‘Minotaur’s Maze’ is perhaps the most whimsical of the five core tracks of ‘One Deck Dungeon’ with synth strings delivering the breadth of the foundation along booming bass drums and a dominant woodwind-like melody providing a brave heroic delve through winding walls. The sense of winding through familiar corridors is exemplified with subtle changes in the core melody to invoke a sense of bewilderment and confusion. ‘Minotaur’s Maze’ is a great track for light-hearted dungeon crawling.

5 dungeon crawler tracks and their dulcet counterparts makes for a perfect compliment for any tabletop experience. If you’re in the market for a rogue-like deck-building dungeon delve, check out One Deck Dungeon by Asmadi Games.

Beatscribe’s soundtrack ‘One Deck Dungeon’ is available now on Bandcamp for name-your-price.

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