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‘Pixel Physics’ by TRIAC is a Nanoloop powerhouse with energy to burn.

According to TRIAC’s Bandcamp, ‘Pixel Physics’ is a collection of 6 tracks written over three years ago in which TRIAC has “rediscovered their potential”. Like a treasure trove unearthed during spring cleaning, ‘Pixel Physics’ delivers force and freedom as it stretches the limits of Nanoloop 1.5, recorded on a Game Boy Classic and absolutely deserves your undivided attention.

TRIAC’s frenetic composition plays with tempo with an enticing “keep away” feel; toying with your ability to lock in an assumption of the journey only to commandeer your expectations by shifting laterally down connected-yet-unbeaten melodies. There is method to the madness within ‘Pixel Physics’, but it takes concerted effort to wrench away from the overwhelmingly enveloping experience of the album to peek behind the curtain with any hope of uncovering TRIAC’s architecture. ‘Pixel Physics’ is powerful, tightly woven, and a highly rewarding collection worth both your time and your money. The full ‘Pixel Physics’ album review continues below:

‘Megawatt’ is an incredible spotlight for TRIAC’s transformative compositional style. A flowing, complete melody forms off the top only to reveal itself to be laying new foundations for a high-octane dance-thrash tempo that expertly sucks you along for the ride. TRIAC’s ability to transition between tempos is akin to a fighter pilot navigating G-forces; speed up too fast and you risk disorientation, hit the brakes too fast and you lose your lunch. ‘Megawatt’ is a smooth ride that masterfully teases one direction only to veer hard into exciting new territory, all the while focused on ensuring you’ll be able to keep up.

‘Das Fahrradlied’ takes to the street with traffic ambiance and bicycle bells before launching hard into a go-go-go cacophony of chirping melodies backed by a heavy dance beat that all but demands you are to rock out this instant. A non-stop energy well, ‘Das Fahrradlied’ plays with sweeping harmonies akin to classic “audience with the king” style themes before diverting straight back to TRIAC’s rocking bread and butter beats into busy street ambiance as if to communicate the freedom that comes from escaping from the busy monotony, if only for a moment or six.

‘Molecular’ deals with deeper drones and crisp warbling Nanoloop tones with surprising unabashed freedom, relying on the drawn-in listener’s earned commitment as permission to explore harsh melodic high-tones in a winner-take-all clash of ideals. A strong theme of ‘rage-against-the-machine’ rings true as purposefully stiff percussion groundwork expresses dissent against a defiant-yet-troubled melody actively fighting to express confidence in the face of the aforementioned establishment. It’s a fascinating story hidden in a dance track with the bass tones insisting that there’s nothing to see here while the insubordinate melody screams for you to stand up and fight along side it.

‘Infinity in a nutshell’ embraces a fully-formed up-beat tempo realized through ‘Pixel Physics’s ascent, attacking fast and hard with a delicious chip-house mix with energy to burn. The power on display here is just inspiring; TRIAC lets loose with such conviction and assuredness that ‘Pixel Physics’ underscores the value of the confident exploration we see time and time again in the chiprealm. It’s one thing to make a rockin’ dance chip track, but another all together to create with the force displayed throughout ‘Pixel Physics’ that constantly bares TRIAC’s soul and dares you to enjoy it.

‘Collider’ is wackadoo. Meant with the kindest of intentions, ‘Collider’ tests your newfound resolve with a climactic, aggressive, warbling melodic phrase delivering on thematic tone with a level of artistic bravery that outright dares the listener to abide by its anarchistic expression. The build up to this moment at 0:51 offers no warning of the coming storm and unapologetically delivers a torrent of rebellious assertion as if to say “I will be exactly as I am, and I will change for no one.” Loyalty is rewarded with relief as ‘Collider’ cascades to a finish with rolling melodic compliments claiming dominion over a now subdued percussive beat.

‘Träumerei’ celebrates ‘Pixel Physics’s journey with a rounded mid-range fanfare and an anthem-like swell of ascending runs commemorating the album’s adventurous risks and well-deserved rewards. Light-hearted and comparatively relaxed, ‘Träumerei’ is the closest thing to “safe” as you’ll find within ‘Pixel Physics’; a rewarding descent from the power of previous tracks into a(n albeit still up-tempo) relaxing slide into home.

‘Pixel Physics’ is a ride, plain and simple. Jackhammering power, challenging turns, and uber-confidence delivered via six-track download makes ‘Pixel Physics’ a surprise summer hit and a must-buy. TRIAC’s Bandcamp discography goes back four albums over the past four years, and speaking frankly, you’re going to want to dig through them.

‘Pixel Physics’ by TRIAC is available on Bandcamp for €4 EUR  (or more). Snag a copy and support a deserving artist for this incredible album, and for hopes of enticing future works to come.

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