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‘SPACE CORGI LP’ is the musical equivalent of pure happiness. Just look at this album cover.


If you’re not smiling, look at it again.

Now that you’re smiling, hit play on ‘WHAT KIND OF DAY HAS IT BEEN’:

Like what you hear? Then waddle your adorable little corgi butt over and jump into the rest of the album below…

‘SPACE CORGI LP’ is a spirited, spry, and dynamic 2016 chiptune release that YOU NEED IN YOUR COLLECTION. Powerful yet light-hearted, ‘SPACE CORGI LP’ is impressively multi-faceted, especially when you get the chance to see a performance of Little Paw (Nick Maynard) live on stage killing it on the electric guitar while managing a flurry of electronic equipment alongside him.

Get acquainted with Nick Maynard’s performance style with this rockin’ show clip below:

~ Little Paw: GWAH & Electronic music @ 8STATICFEST2K15 (courtesy: YouTube) ~

According to ‘SPACE CORGI LP’s Bandcamp page, Little Paw is Nick’s solo chiptune project that aims to create high energy instrumental synth rock music with a combination of uptempo Gameboy tracks, analog synths, electric guitar, LSDJ arpeggios and reverb-drenched synth pads, citing ‘SPACE CORGI LP’ as his first full length release in development for over 3 years.

‘SPACE CORGI LP’ extracts distills the unique elements of each of Nick’s chosen instruments, wasting neither time nor note in executing on his promise of intense, unique chiptune composition. ‘SPACE CORGI LP’ is a conversation. A theme of optimism vs. realism is ever present, augmented by choice lyrical sound bites and voice recordings spliced to inspire contemplation (one major highlight includes the power-ballad “FLYING SLOWLY’ in which a recounting of curated lyrics from the Richard Harris song ‘MacArthur Park’). Below are a few curated examples of Nick Maynard’s ability to infuse joy into every note he plays:



‘WORLD’S GREATEST’ explores a soft synth hum as it builds into a die-hard rockin’ number complete with plenty of explosive “spark man” SFX blasts, blending a transformative melody with chaotic tangential chip elements to unleash a rousing anthem. An off-beat harmony demands your attention, making you take notice before pulling fully into the forefront for its own moment in the spotlight. Appropriately, ‘WORLD’S GREATEST’ is deliberately constructed to refuse to be ignored. Well played, Nick. Well played.


‘FLYING SLOWLY’ by LittlePaw

‘FLYING SLOWLY’ has a beautiful etherial tone mixed with modern power-ballad sensibilities, all built to support an incredible electric guitar performance by Nick himself. The aforementioned ‘MacArthur Park’ quotes make their appearance here in ‘FLYING SLOWLY’, adding thoughtful gravitas to perhaps the most ponderous audio experience on the album.

Special notice must be given for the mixing throughout the album, exemplified by ‘FLYING SLOWLY’. The live electric guitar blends so well with the track’s electronic elements that it pulls organic credence from the chiptune elements, which is a large part of why ‘SPACE CORGI LP’ succeeds so strongly: chiptune albums (in my opinion, put them pitchforks down) are strongest when its electronic elements are able to breathe, which ‘SPACE CORGI LP’ achieves in spades. 


‘FOURTH’ by LittlePaw

‘FOURTH’ jumps into the deep end immediately with a return to ‘SPACE CORGI LP’s core sound, allowing Nick’s guitar skills freedom to shine through a high-energy chip-palooza. ‘FOURTH’ rocks an exuberant, cheerful melody throughout, backed up by Nick’s supportive guitar when he’s not pulling forward for a rockin’ solo. The pep, jolly, upbeat tone exploding from every note in ‘FOURTH’ makes it my personal favourite track on the album, and I have a sneaking suspicion that it might just become yours too. :)


With with refreshing exploration and exuberance, ‘SPACE CORGI LP’ is an early lead for my top 12 albums of 2016, and I can’t wait to see where Nick takes LittlePaw next.

‘SPACE CORGI LP’ comes highly recommended and is available now for purchase in physical form from Bandcamp for $10USD(or more) or digital download with over 700MB of bonus materials for $8USD(or more). Grab your copy now and revel in the same happiness you see on the face of every single corgi picture the internet has ever known.

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Editor’s note: In record time, Little Paw whipped up an *AMAZING* multi-camera angle video of his MAGFest 2016 set, which features much of this new release. So for both those who want to relive the glorious experience that it was and/or witness it for the first time, give it a watch below. -Brandon

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