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The Chunderfins ooze personality in this high-energy chip-rock album.

Check out “Theme of The Chunderfins” below, and when you fall in love with it, read on…

The Chunderfins, hailing from Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, submit this self-titled debut chip-rock album for your adoration.

And it should be adored. ‘The Chunderfins’ is an intense pop-rock chiptune experiment that revels in its own sense of exuberance. Synth piano, sustained chiptunes, electric guitar, a rockin’ drum kit, and a slammin’ bass guitar come together to explode in your earbuds as a full-fledged cohesive big-band sound that works.

You can feel the excitement, the love, the passion that went into every melody, every transition, every runaway synth solo within ‘The Chunderfins’. That well of energy seems unending for the length of the album. ‘The Chunderfins’ is not just a collection of tracks, but a full-on experience, and a debut album to boot, which means exciting things for the future.

Let’s jump into a few of the standout tracks, starting with ‘Speak ‘n’ Spit’:

Chiptune takes the lead with an evolving and frantic melody, slipping into a chill refrain only to ramp up into a super fast chip-skat before thrusting the spotlight over to the drum kit for a heart-pounding solo, then to the bass and synth piano for another chill funk moment before the band comes together for the big finish.

The Chunderfins take a very collaborative approach to composition in the way that there is a concerted effort to highlight each instrument throughout each track on the album, to the point where with a little off-beat thinking, even the drum kit could be considered one of the instrumental leads. Whether you agree with that or not, the point you should take away from this is that The Chunderfins’ sound is that of a team of instruments supporting each other and absolutely not a team supporting a lead instrument. It’s refreshing, and inspiring.

‘Crag City Stomp’ is one track on this album that offers a unique sense of suspenseful discovery with its focus on deeper droning tones and shorter melodic loops, creating an immediate sense of a desperate mission at hand. The Chunderfins’ now trademark carefree spirit is shrouded in a sense of rock-fueled dread, like a dangerous task must be undertaken. A mix of fear of the unknown and courage through friendship makes ‘Crag City Stomp’ a captivating listen, and one of my favourites on the album.

‘Run the Numbers’ sets the stage with an intricate drum build, then explodes with a sustained synth melody. Refreshing the intensity of the album with a focus on an almost battle between the electric guitar and bass against the synth melody and synth piano is an interesting choice, evoking a sense of old rock vs. chip-rock. Both factions ultimately come together in a collaborative climax where once again you can truly feel every facet of The Chunderfins devoted to supporting each other. I sense a theme brewing…

‘Rad Asunder’ gives free reign to the electric guitar, where the melodies and breakdowns are all heartily executed with that old school rock vibe, complimented with the new school synth accompaniments. The decision to slow things down for a groovy rock interlude is a welcome juxtaposition is this chip-anthem sandwich, and another example of how The Chunderfins aren’t afraid to yank the wheel into new directions if it means refreshing experimentation, but most importantly, the finished product is just plain fun.

‘The Chunderfins’ is refined, deliberate chip-rock fun that delivers. The star of this album shifts constantly between the synth piano, electric guitar, and chiptune solos, all given the chance to shine in the spotlight during defined breakdowns, and the result is a cohesive, breathing, big-band feel. If this is what The Chunderfins can deliver with a debut album, then be certain to keep an eye out for future releases because The Chunderfins carve out an exciting corner for themselves within the chiptune genre and I personally can’t wait to hear more!

‘The Chunderfins’ by The Chunderfins is available NOW for immediate download on Bandcamp for ‘name-your-price’…

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…buy this album. For money.

It’s amazing that The Chunderfins are making this debut album available for potentially free, but after reviewing and listening to this album I feel compelled to underscore to you, the loyal Chiptunes = WIN reader, to continue to be the awesome peeps you are and support this piece of chiptune artistry in the spirit of ‘name-your-price’ which is whatever e-pocket-change you’ve got. We at Chiptunes = WIN make a habit of reviewing the albums that move us so that we can share what we love with other awesome peeps who’ll love it too. Let’s support these artists the way we can so that they can continue to flourish in the genre we love.

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