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A story told in two parts, ‘Velocity’ by Stig shatters expectations,  rattles the status quo with its unconventional odyssey, and is absolutely a must-listen.

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With a dozen releases on Bandcamp, Stig’s musical backlog grows further with ‘Velocity’, an intriguing two-part album totaling 49 minutes of captivating fare.

Stig is no stranger to uncommonly long compositions, with several recent previous albums including 10+ minute tracks, but none of them have anything on ‘Velocity’.

‘Velocity’ by Stig breaks convention by presenting two 20+ minute tracks: ‘Velocity, part one’ and ‘Velocity, part two’. Each track weaves and builds upon itself with thoughtful intricacy over the course of over twenty minutes, resulting in a pair of audible tapestries that effortlessly sustain interest.

‘Velocity, part one’:

‘Velocity, part one’ guides you through its evolving masterpiece with a pseudo-improvisational, almost jazz-like approach to composition. The pace blends control with frantic re-imaginings of the track’s overriding melody to avoid stale repetition with a vengeance.

The tone of part one is that of a constant struggle through a nefarious undercurrent, and the melody bobs and weaves through it like a determined hero destined to return light to the darkness. Stig’s command of evocative musicality knows no bounds, sustaining interest and intrigue for the first two-thirds of part one before veering hard into a significant shift where the dirtier skulk of the established drums and bassline give way to pianos and chimes to cultivate an upswing into a sense of hope that had been lying in the wings, waiting for its chance to rise.

Part one’s climax brings together fleeting elements of drums, chimes, piano, and synth, connecting them with satisfying focus, and transitioning seamlessly into…

‘Velocity, part two’:

‘Part two’ begins with a beautiful piano opener over noises of the street that explodes into an intense synth rock fusion. The pace flirts with its own frenetic nature, as if to test its own limits of cohesion. Toeing that line, but never disrupting an ever-growing build of synth freestyle that no longer obeys ‘part one’s’ darker underpinnings. Instead it soars above the droning bass tones with heartwarming freedom.

‘Part two’ embraces a newfound cohesion; as though ‘part one’s’ melody survived the threat of an insidious baseline, and has regrouped to launch a fruitful counter-offensive that forces the bass to work together to survive rather than dominate with reckless abandon. ‘Part two’s’ journey streams toward its conclusion with an organic, euphoric flow.  It embraces the support of a constant hi-hat, and powerful improvisational piano and synth riffs that continuously breathe new life into Stig’s incredible twenty-seven minute opus.

‘Velocity’ is one of those unique adventures you won’t hear everyday, and has the potential to blaze a trail for other artists to create full length chip-odyssey adventures. Put simply, Stig succeeds where many would have failed. ‘Velocity’ is captivating from start to finish; a journey down a road less traveled.

‘Velocity’ by Stig is available now for purchase on Bandcamp for
£5 GBP, and comes highly recommended.

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