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I want you to click here and listen to track #4 ‘Just Smile’.

I’ll wait.

Craig Mitchell, aka Chasingbleeps, writes tracks on ‘The Owl EP’ with purpose and elegance. This 7-track release is far from the typical barrage electronic music can so easily fall into of PUT IN ALL SYNTHS MORE MARIO COIN SOUNDS ADD WUBS PUSH GAIN!!!

This is electronic music you can bring home to your parents.

‘The Owl EP’ was created for the 12in12x12 project (‘Cold Dark Air’ is featured on the April 2013 compilation) which acts as a community driving force through its Facebook page to push artists to create a song over a 12 hour period each month. That month’s album is then released to Bandcamp and listeners are encouraged to download those compilations for free.

Track ‘Cold Dark Air’ has a fantastic build, utilizing several vocal loops to great effect alongside an echoing xylophone melody. You can tell why it was a featured track in 12in12x12’s April 2013 compilation, which you can check out here.

‘The Owl EP’ as a whole is infused with charming chimes at the melody helm over deeper looping bass tones, with occasional vocal loop additions used sparingly and effectively. The instrumental choices and combinations are simple and tightly woven to produce an album of cheerful and inventively executed tracks that I trust will brighten up your day.

‘Just Smile’ is my favorite track. An efficient melody weaves those echoing chimes over a light bassline for a full and inviting sound with a minimum of fuss and a conscious refusal to drown in an over-encumbrance of instruments. While committing to a minimum of individual sounds, ‘The Owl EP’ and ‘Just Smile’ in particular exudes an overwhelming uplifting feeling that more than lives up to its title. Of course, you’ve already heard it, so you know exactly what I’m talking about. You DID listen to it, right? RIGHT????

*The collective sound of the internet’s mouse-clicks scrambling to click the link up top…*

I recently had the chance to snag a moment of Craig’s time for a few questions about ‘The Owl EP’, and here’s what he had to say:

Morgan: How was your experience using 12in12x12 as motivation for the album? If motivation isn’t the right word, which would you use? Do you see yourself using 12in12x12 for any other projects in the future? Would you recommend the experience to other artists?

Chasingbleeps: I totally found 12in12x12 to be a great motivation for writing music! If not for running into Jim (The creator of 12in12x12) on the deepest corners of the Internets I would have never made the owl EP. I intend to do a lot more songs for 12in12x12. I have not been able to do it recently due to working on my new release and my live sets. I recommend doing 12in12x12 to anyone who is suffering from writers block!

Morgan: What were some of the creative highlights for you during the making of The Owl EP?

Chasingbleeps: When I was writing ‘The Owl EP’ I was trying to do something I’ve never done before. I decided to make everything using samples and old synth vst’s. I spent aaaageees looking through music sites for good samples and vst’s. Once I had found the right ones it was great fun seeing what I could do with them. Once I had finished all the songs for ‘The Owl EP’ I had trouble giving it a name. I had one song that I had named ‘Sleepyhead’ but I didn’t feel that name was right for it. So I changed its name to ‘Owls’ and then that gave me the idea for “The Owl EP”. Owls because that day I had found a picture of myself holding an owl when I was younger. I also really like owls.

Morgan: Are there any milestones this album hits for you on a personal level? For example, the growth of your musical style, the number of songs you have written, a milestone in downloads over your Bandcamp career, etc?

Chasingbleeps: When I released ‘The Owl EP’ I really didn’t expect it to go anywhere. It was just a side project to my ChasingBleeps stuff. Personally I loved each song on the EP but I didn’t think it would appeal to my current following. I was wrong haha! ‘The owl EP’ Is my most listened to and most downloaded release on my Bandcamp. Currently it has about 2,500 listens and 300 downloads. I’m very proud of all that and I am incredibly happy that all those people liked it! Working on ‘The Owl EP’ was really fun and it gave me a break from my usual LSDJ stuff I had been working on at that time. It was great to try something new but still staying within the vast chip genre.

Morgan: What would you like new listeners to know about you that they may not know by checking out ‘The Owl EP’?

Chasingbleeps: I would like people who enjoyed ‘The Owl EP’ to also know that I make loads of different kinds of music.

I write piano songs and what I do mainly is LSDJ dance music! In fact, I have a release coming out soon and I’m going to give you a super secret link to my album teaser which isn’t going to be released for a few weeks!

Keep an eye out for that! I would also like to mention I am working on another release like ‘The Owl EP’. A sequel if you will. I don’t have much to tell about that yet but I can say it’s coming.

Big thanks to Chasingbleeps for taking the time to let us in on the making of ‘The Owl EP’! Now get outta here and go take a listen!

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