St Paddy’s Day Surprise! “Celt-tunes = WIN”

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A’yup. You read the title right. We’re doing a celtic themed release for St Paddy’s Day.


Final Celtic - ver.2 (1200x1200)

Dangerously beautiful album artwork by Nate Horsfall of

20+ brand new “Celt-tunes” (#SryNotSry) from our usual wide variety of overly talented artists! (full roster coming soon!). Expect a mix of traditional celtic covers, some beautiful atmospheric pieces, and, of course, chiptune drinking songs aplenty (I HONESTLY CAN’T BELIEVE THAT HASN’T BEEN DONE ALREADY).

The power trio of talent helping pull this one together includes Nate Horsfall on album artwork, Stemage on mastering, and Kubbi handling the track ordering.

And, of course, ridiculous promo video by VP Swackhamer:

Catch it all first at the Nerd Rock Radio “Celt-tunes = WIN” release party starting at 8pm CST on, with irc in ChipWINChat. #BYOB

It’s going to be so gorram awesome you’ll wanna pour Guinness into your Lucky Charms!

…wow, that’s stupid. Don’t do that. Please.

See y’all on St Paddy’s Day! #CHEERS

Much \m||m/,
President Hoodie
Founder & Project Manager of Chiptunes = WIN

EDIT: Tis released! Grab it below! #CHEERS

V.3 Logo with url - 250x250

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