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Giselle Llamas aka Pixel Syndrome


This italo-argentinian member of the crew is in charge of the international artists monthly column, and can’t get enough of the world of Chiptune!

Giselle firmly believes that code can also be art. She is currently working as a Software Quality Analyst since 2016 and as a freelance illustrator for more than 10 years now. Restless and always looking for other horizons to discover and conquer, she’s studying her second 5 year career to specialize on Multimedia Arts, going to the National University of the Arts (UNA) in Buenos Aires.

She loves: Sine waves, neon lights, lots of bands, Rick Moranis, The X-Files, Pokemon, Grandia for PSX, some 80’s & 90’s movies, chinese food, bande dessinee, comics and manga.

She hates: Bugs, lag, low FPS, being told what to do, SW: Episode VIII, The username that you entered not being available, That video that is being blocked in your country, Microtransactions.

Regular Column: The Overworld (international artist focused interview column)

E-mail | Instagram | Twitter | Behance

Clark Veazey aka Rhyphte


Rhyphte is an aspiring experimental electronic artist with a keen interest in chiptune music production using the retro hardware currently at his disposal, and emulating what isn’t (yet). Outside of that, Rhyphte does all kinds of cool radio frequency engineering stuff, most recently involving small satellites, telescopes, and other magical space shit. He also plays a fuck ton of Super Smash Bros Melee; like, a nonsensical, detached-from-reality amount of melee. Other than that, he does mostly normal human things, like watching speedruns and writing about chiptunes. :3

Regular Columns: Rhyphte Reviews (event/album review); Rhyphte’s Remarks (special feature/interview column)

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DEFENSE MECHANISM found himself enthralled with music and technology from an early age. Growing up in the 90’s, he learned to love the early video game sounds of the day, especially from the original brick Game Boy. After learning about chipmusic in the late 2000’s, he started paying closer attention to the scene, and all it took was receiving an EMS cartridge with LSDj to jumpstart the obsession. With intricate music that can only be called “kickass melodic Game Boy insanity”, DEFENSE MECHANISM is here to help you push beyond what you thought was possible to create – and make you dance your ass off!

Regular Column: Intense Tech (LSDJ tutorial) 

E-mail | | Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram |

Carlos Paredes aka Pixel Guy

Writer, Translator (Spanish)

Greetings! I’m Carlos Paredes, also known as ‘Pixel Guy’. I’m from Mexico, and my love for music could be just surpassed by my love for bad puns. The first one may be unrequited and the second one is responsible for my attachment to all of the linguistic stuff, which I really like and has somehow helped me to understand music theoretically.

I’m on a “magical” journey to discover what kind of music I want to make, and it’s really fun!

Regular Column: A Square Meal (review column)
Currently translating: DEFENSE MECHANISM’S Intense Tech column (LSDJ tutorial)
Previous translations: Paul’s Tech Talk column (LSDJ tutorial) & Callum’s Progression column (music theory)

E-mail | Twitter | Soundcloud | Tumblr | Bandcamp

Jamie Billings aka The Unicorn Princess


Writer (on hiatus)

Hi! I’m Jamie Billings, also known as The Unicorn Princess. I love sampling my DMG and implementing it in forms of electronic music. I work as a sound designer, and my work has been used in software, hardware, games, and other forms of visual media.

My first release was called ‘Bitcrushed Memories’ and I’m working on another, and a couple years ago I graduated from Berklee College of Music, with a bachelor’s degree in Electronic Production & Design. I’m super interested in record players and sampling, circuit bending, digging through music, old gaming consoles, analog synths, and of course, unicorns.

Regular column: The Unicorn Princess Royally Reviews (review column)

E-mail | | Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter


Dan Butler from Techno Mage

Editor, Writer

Eager to invigorate the community wherever possible, Dan is passionately optimistic about the future of chiptune. Through his writing, he hopes to strengthen the resolve of creators everywhere and encourage them to give their art the full attention it deserves. Dan is uncompromising in his belief that support begins with sincere engagement. As a result, he regularly writes sprawling walls of text in hopes of bolstering an environment rife with sharing and interaction.

Drawn to the creative challenges that the style elicits, Dan began to incorporate chiptune elements in his music around 2011. Years later, he founded Techno Mage, which introduced metal and synthwave/retrowave components to his music. He is the band’s primary songwriter and producer. He also programs all chiptune, synth, and drum components of the music and plays keyboard for the band’s live performances. His favorite tracker is 0CC-FamiTracker and his DAW of choice is FL Studio.

Regular Column: Leveling Up Your Artistic Identity

Email | Bandcamp | Patreon | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

Aydan Scott

Editor, Writer

Aydan was introduced to the goodness that is chiptune by the legendary Dj CUTMAN, attending some of his earliest shows (including the debut of the Dubtropolis set and a BIRTHDAY SHOW IN THE SECOND FLOOR OF A WAFFLE JOINT), and since his first time listening to chiptune, he has become physically incapable of listening to any other kind of music the same way. When he’s not listening to – or writing about – bleep bloops, Aydan works a glamorous full-time job freezing to death in a grocery store, plays JRPGs like there’s no tomorrow, travels for Magic: The Gathering tournaments, and occasionally writes chipmusic under the alias CANDY RAVE GALAXY.

Regular column: Aydan Appreciates (review column)

E-mail | Facebook | Twitter | FFR | CANDY RAVE GALAXY – Bandcamp | Soundcloud

Joe Eidson



Active as a classically trained composer, Joseph Eidson’s path to discovering modern chip music was through Alex Mauer and the Penny Arcade: The Series soundtrack. Video game soundtracks by Koji Kondo, Bobby Prince, and Lee Jackson were instrumental (*HIYO!*) in his drive to become a composer, and working with 8-bit music is a slice of wonderful nostalgia mixed with modern innovation. His influences are best described as “wide, just like your mother” with The Misfits, 80’s hair metal, and West coast hip hop mingling freely with one-hit wonders from the ‘90s. Current projects include blending contemporary concert music with chiptunes and two upcoming albums in the summer and fall of 2014. When not composing or teaching, Joe enjoys tracking down expensive craft beers and dodging blue shells in Mario Kart 8.

Retired Columns: What’s On Tap (chipmusic & beer review column); Office Hours (review column)

E-mail | Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Erin ‘Ryn’ McQuisten aka Chip Mom

Editor, Writer

As a teacher by trade, Grad Student by (questionable) choice, over-enthusiastic baker, and Aes Sedai of the Nerd Ajah, Chip Mom takes joy in many things. Of particular note are her penchants for books, cookies, and 90s pop music. She can often be found at conventions garbed in her signature pink t-shirt either scattering baked goods on the unwary or rocking out in the front row. But no matter where she is or what she’s doing, remember, Chip Mom loves ya!

Regular column: Chip Mom’s Kitchen (special interest column)
Retired column: Tales of a Chiptune Newb (special review/interview column);

E-mail | TwitterSoundcloudTumblr | Chip Mom – FacebookTwitter

Adam Seats

Backup Editor

Adam may not make a whole lot of music these days, but he lives and breathes chiptunes and VGM. He originally started writing for this blog to get college credit, and it’s all been downhill from there. Now officially an English major and a Music minor, he does what he knows best – writing about the things he loves while trying desperately trying to not be eaten by the horrors that come after college. You can see Adam at many events in the Maryland, DC and Virginia area – sometimes presenting panels, sometimes helping staff, and occasionally just testing his liver with his friends to make sure it’s still going strong (as of now, it is).

Likes: Thai food, charming retro-styled videogames, depressing Russian literature

Hates: Beer you can see your hand on the other side of, free time (apparently)

Retired columns ChipWIN-tern Spotlight (review column); ChipWIN-tern Presents (interview column)

E-mail | Twitter | Tumblr

Wayne Manselle aka Viridian Forge


Backup Editor, Web Dev

By day a scientific software developer in the dark recesses of a public university.  By night, a chiptune enthused martial artist who seeks out adventure, interesting tunes, and copious quantities of locally roasted coffee.  Born and raised upon the frozen plains of Minnesota, he grew up with his best friends: NES, GameBoy and DOS.  Playing video games obsessively, he never quite realized that it was their sweet dulcet tones he was truly in love with.  Grad school called, and he moved to the verdant forests of Oregon and lo, did he find the climate a hell of a lot more liveable, so he decided to stick around.  Eventually emerging from his academically induced coma, Wayne took a few hints and discovered Famitracker, the chiptune community, and through it Chiptunes = WIN.  Armed with this new knowledge and a desire to make cool stuff, he took keyboard in hand and decided to jump in with both feet.

Retired Columns: Stoking the Forge (review column); Quenching the Forge (homebrewing column)

E-mail | Soundcloud | Twitter| Facebook

Brandon L. Hood aka President Hoodie


Founder & Project Manager of all forms & iterations of Chiptunes = WIN, including this bleeping blooping blog. The Arbiter of Awesome at pretty much everything, including NMS-sky adventuring, Metroid beer ponging (largely retired there tbh), dancing like a white boy (definitely not retired ♪┏(・o・)┛♪ ), Thunder Lording (eternally hiatus-ed), & generally just life in general (but mostly hyperbole, kaomojis, & parenthetical sub-text (• ε •) ).

tl;dr – ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ♪~ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

Regular column: Hoodie Highlights (interview column)
Retired column: The President’s Manifesto (beer & chiptune review)

Personal: E-mailFacebook | Twitter | Instagram | Bandcamp | Steam | Untappd | Discord – PresidentHoodie#9591
ChipWIN | Bassist for Lords of Thunder (VGM Metal) | Host of Brandon Talks (podcast)


Rich Jay Lewis aka Chip Bit Sid


Retired Writer

A creative dude spending much of his time creating, drawing, writing and coding, Richard came to the chip tune scene over a year ago through its roots: Video Games. Being an avid fan, he came to love the chiptune community and its attachment to all things nostalgic & awesome. In 2014 he became in charge of WE ARE THE FUTURE RECORDS which grew quickly under his charge. Though he left in 2015, he loved chiptune and went onto create Chip Bit Sid, a blog dedicated to the community and helping starved artists. Through this, he found so many brilliant people as well as a hidden community in his hometown, Manchester, working with other groups such as, GameFace and the Superbyte Festival.

Now writing for ChipWIN, Richard is wanting push chiptune into becoming a bigger community as well as further help the manchester crew and make chiptune more awesome than ever.

Column: Chip Bit Sid Takes On (review column)

Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Blog (Chip! Bit! Sid!)

Glenn(tai) Dubois

f glenntai

Retired Writer

Self-proclaimed “Crazy War Veteran of the Internet” and Hoodie’s personal internet reference encyclopedia; Glenn grew up loving VGM and chip music from a very early age of two. Along with writing the occasional article for Chiptunes = WIN, Glenn is the co-founder of the nerd entertainment motley crew The Nerdfit Network, the Resident Fearless Leader of Clipstream, and makes music through Famitracker and LSDJ under the name Glenntai. Whether this is his ability to multitask or just an incredibly obvious symptom of ADHD, we’ll never know, but at least we’re getting something out of him in the process.

Columns: Glenntai Got (review column), Bit by Bit (special feature column)

Glenntai – BandcampFacebookTwitterSoundcloud
Clipstream – | Facebook | Twitter
The Nerdfit Network – | BandcampFacebook | Twitter | Tumblr | YouTube | Soundcloud

Clover H.S. aka Chain Reaction

Retired Writer

Hello! I’ve been participating in chiptune compilations since 2016, and writing for this blog since early 2018. I care a lot about art and stories, and I love my friends dearly. Key moments in my life include writing a song about Hamlet, and eating this bagel. I was also in a steel drum band for seven years. They’re still out there, and they still have my arrangement of a song from homestuck. Of my many names, ‘clover’ is at least one of them. I’m a girl. I’m nonbinary. I’m very tired.

Trans rights are human rights. Black lives matter. If you can, please make chiptune communities a more diverse, inclusive, and progressive place. Be proud of what you share with the world. It’s important. And have a happy day if you can! I believe in you ♡

Column: Clover Chain Reacts To (review column)

Bandcamp | Soundcloud

Callum Kennedy aka Tuberz McGee

Retired Writer

Callum ‘Tuberz McGee’ Kennedy [don’t ask about the name] is an aspiring chiptune artist, academic, and males’ lingerie model [not much luck in that last category]. Having written an Honours thesis on Chiptune music in relation to the NES and its compositional methods and processes Callum is overjoyed to be able to ramble about albums and other fun things that universities don’t let him ramble about. A paragon of virtue when it comes to anything *not* in 4/4 and a sincere lover of doggos and cates, Callum wishes to take you all on a linguistic journey.

… or something.

Columns: Fives and Nines (review column); Progression (music theory column)

Bandcamp | Soundcloud| Facebook | Twitter

Paul Aupetitgendre of Pain Perdu

Retired Writer

Paul is half of the French Chiptune duo Pain Perdu (I’ll let you guess which half). Using Game Boys to their full potential to whip up hard-hitting melodic electro tunes, PP have tapped into dark, secret LSDJ knowledge found in a french pastry cookbook. In their main column, you will learn how to sprinkle tech fairy dust into your tracks, knead the software into shape, and make choco chip french toast. There will probably be a few actual recipes thrown in there for good measure! Let’s dough this!

Columns: Paul’s Tech Tips (LSDJ Advice column); Paul’s Pantry (review column)

YouTube | Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | ‘Nouvelle Lune‘ (on Cheapbeats)

Bertrand Guérin-Williams

Retired Writer

The eternal lurker, Guérin, Master of Original Pseudonyms, is a former writer for The Waveform Generators and was, in previous lives, an English major. He also likes commas. He currently writes angry Drum and Bass noise on LSDJ, previously wrote prog-electronic under the name Russellian, doodles pixel art in his spare time, and has probably already friended you on Facebook. When not on the internet, Bertrand is dying a slow death in retail management and bookkeeping in a rural town. Save him from this misery, please.

Column: Guérin’s Dissections (review column)

Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

Adam Martinez aka Kuma


Retired Writer & Backup Editor

A man of many erstwhile hats and faces, including animator, cartoonist, theater tech, and babysitter, Adam Martinez recently found what he considers to be his true passion in life after attending the cathartic event known as Blipfest 2012. Having since embraced that passion for life and chiptune, Adam (aka Kuma) now faces the rather unique problem of finding balance in his life between his dayjob saving lives at a Level 1 trauma center in NYC and his life calling of taking the phrase “dance like no one is watching” too literally. So far, it seems to be working out in his favor.

Columns: Quick Shots (multi-release REview), So You Wanna Make a Chiptune (tips/tricks/tutorials column);
Kuma’s Hype Train (multi-review PREview); Raw Cuts with Kuma (interview column)

Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook

R. Morgan Slade aka Pixel Recall


Retired Writer & Editor

R. Morgan Slade (aka Pixel Recall) is beyond stoked to be a part of the Chiptunes = WIN writing team. The internet will tell you he’s an actor, a writer, a podcaster, a red-head, and a Huge Nerd.

Morgan’s personal goals include screenwriting, absorbing more chiptunes than the recommended daily dose, becoming a narrative writer for an indie game, and being prettier than Kuma. :D

Column: Sladerfluous Reviews (review column) | Bandcamp | Twitter | Brent & Morgan are Huge Nerds (podcast)

Matt Whitwell aka Auracle

Retired Writer

With three ChipBattles wins under his belt, a regular spot on the GameFace radio and TV shows and active participation in the Chiptunes = WIN community as a moderator, Auracle don’t fuck around! Sticking to his “Busy is GOOD” mantra, he is primarily involved with GameFace’s creative efforts but also spends an almost-unhealthy amount of time listening to new music and working to promote the chiptune scene around the world. Probably coming to a gig near you soon!

Columns: The Download (review column); How to WIN at Chiptune (special feature column)

Auracle – Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Bandcamp

GameFace – | ChipBattles | Facebook | YouTube | Twitter | Podcast Downloads Live radio every Sunday 7-9PM GMT @

Live TV show every Thursday 8-9PM GMT @

Chris Krogsgard aka Stereocast

Chris K

Retired Writer & Editor

Child of the 80‘s and quite possibly the coolest mailman ever, Chris was born and raised on the bleep bloops. Since first hearing Bitshifter’s ‘Information Chase’ and Rushjet1’s ‘Out There’, he has become a full-on chiptune evangelist. When he isn’t blasting chiptunes on his mail route for all to hear, he’s most likely chipping away at his backlog of video games or just being awesome in general. Chris would like to make some music of his own in the future and get a proper chipscene going in his neck of the Deep South.

Column: Chris Considers (review column)


Sam Sher aka Nanode

sam sher

Retired Writer

A chiptune musician who works in a multitude of programs, Sam Sher’s chiptune journey started in late 2012, with the introduction to Famitracker and chipmusic production, and a little gaming on the side may have helped too. As a dedicated member to the community, he curated and has been a part of many projects, such as his newly founded Bitopia label, which produces curated chiptune albums for charity. He’s also made music under two names;  Nanode, and Metatronaut, the latter of which is discontinued. As a young hopeful member of the CWB crew, he hopes to gain experience as a musician and grow as a member of the community.

Oh, and I guess he’ll write a few articles too.

Columns: Sam Shares (review column); WSIU? (What Should I Use?  – software review)

Bandcamp | FacebookSoundcloudTwitter

Jacob Diaz aka Djjd

djjd bio pic

Retired Writer

A blogger, a listener, and a Geometry Wars 2 wizard, Jacob Diaz grew up in Prescott Valley, AZ. Not having keen dreams on creating music before the age of 18, he spent most of his days fanboying about the latest Mario, Donkey Kong, or Halo.

An advocate of FL Studio, he has been producing and composing for the past four years. Getting started back in 2009, he gained an interest in video game remixing, and has since produced over 20+ remixes for various projects, using the moniker DjjD for his own private, original/remixed material.

Column: 8-Bit Banter with DjjD (review column)

DjjD Studios | Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | YouTube | OCRemix

Frank Angotti aka b4by f4c3


Retired Writer

Frank started playing bass at the age of 10 and has never really put it down since then. He was also one of those kids that was fascinated by game consoles, constantly taking them apart and trying to make them “glitch” & do things they weren’t quite meant for. Around 2008, he started listening to artists like Motionless Battle, Unicorn Kid, and Henry Homesweet, which inspired research into how their tunes were made. Now he finds himself exploring grimy “darkchip”, through his own compositions and the work of other artists that he hopes to expose you to here on the blog.

ColumnInside The Daякcнip Mind of… (review column)

b4by f4c3 – Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook
Kitten Paw Recordings – Bandcamp, Fb Page, Twitter

Aspyn aka Professor Oakes

leah oakes

Retired Writer

Leah “Professor” Oakes is a nerdy graphic designer, photographer, and journalist from Los Angeles who breathes and eats chiptunes. With her 3DS in one hand and a mouse in the other (however, never at the same time), Leah is inspired by kitschy pop culture, obscure geeky references, and ‘vidya gaymz’. Hoping to one day become a chiptune musician herself, Leah can be found at local 8BitLA chiptune shows and behind the scenes as their social media guru, residential chiptune spaz, and graphic artist.

Column: Chip Treatment with Professor Oakes (review column)

Twitter, Fb page (VISMANCIENNE – visuals)| 8bitLA – Group, Page, Twitter

Anthony Schmitt aka Nonfinite


Retired Writer

Nonfinite, known elsewhere as Anthony Schmitt, is an avid and active musician as well as a business owner.  He has been operating Nonfinite Electronics, a business catering to the chip scene, from his home town of Madison, Wisconsin since 2006.  His musical pursuits have taken him around the country, but he loves hitting open mics in his hometown and throwing shows just as much as attending events elsewhere!

Column: Nonfinite Explores (review column) | Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter

Trevin Hughes aka Jredd


Retired Writer

If you’re reading this you probably have a virus. Don’t worry, you’ve just been infected with a love of chip music the same as I have :). Spread the love.  Who am I? I am Trevin Hughes, A.K.A “Jredd”.

As a child, I loved to play with keyboards and synthesizers. I can remember being very small and trying to make music with music painter on the Atari ST, and Mario Paint on the SNES :). So in a way, I was making chip music before I really knew it had a name. In my teens I used Dezaemon 2 for the Sega Saturn to make music. Later, I got my own computer and joined VGmix. Gradually, I gained enough skill to land a couple of songs on Overclocked Remix where I discovered the music of the legendary “virt” and “rushjet1”.

These people along with many others influenced my current chip style. I am probably most known for my many solo and collaborative Sega Genesis tunes. But basically, if it makes noise and I can wrap my brain around it, I’ll give it a shot. I hope my humble experiences and love for chip music will help to enrich the Chiptunes = WIN blog.

Columns: Jredd’s Hidden Gems (multi-artist review column);
Chiplife Advice with Jredd (special interest column)

Soundcloud | BandcampFacebook | Deviantart

Taylor Lyndis aka Mirby

Retired Writer

Mirby, or Taylor Lyndis, as she’s known offline, lives in San Francisco and has a library of over 20,000 songs on her computer. At least 10,000 of which are chiptunes, so she knows what she’s writing about. She enjoys the music and the shows and hangs out with people who enjoy those things too because chiptunes have a way of making her feel rather… chipper.

Also she likes puns. Probably should’ve mentioned that earlier.

Column: Mirby’s Mishmash (review column)

Tumblr Facebook | Twitter

Danny Pryor aka Diamond Machine

Retired Writer

DDP is a fan of pixel boobies and not eating anything but donuts and coffee. He has stupid hats and funny hair. Also he makes okay music sometimes, which is mostly due to all the track names and artwork being done by some girl. Did you beat that game yet? No? You probably should. It’s a really good game.

And now a song:

He’s a real cool guy, he’s super fly!
He makes chiptunez on the fly!
Makin’ beats is what he does,

and his face is fulla fuzz.
His hair is funny
and he throws biddies money.


Columns: Prying Questions with Danny Pryor (interview column);
The Adventures of Danny Pryor (event review column)

Bandcamp | Twitter | Soundcloud | Facebook |


Retired Writer

Rob “AutoReMi” Pea-Kay is an aspiring artist currently located on couches all the way down. He likes hats, bacon and probably you too! He once ate a slice of pizza so awesome his hair turned into a myriad of radioactive colors. His gateway to overwhelming chiplove stemmed from a genuine passion for ye video game consoles of olde and the wonderful human beings that have crafted innumerable scenes around them. His spirit animal is the Taco Bell Crunchwrap.

Due to this resemblance at the time to the character, he was blessed with the nickname Remy by his jerk friends who are huge fans of Street Fighter III. To this day he cannot do a somersault kick.

Column: ReMi-ReViews (review column)

BandcampSoundcloud | Twitter | Facebook

Andrew Kilpatrick

Retired Writer & Editor

Co-founded and runs Pxl-Bot, the mastermind behind The Waveform Generators blog/netlabel (may it RIP), & organised and co-runs the weekly single-based project WeeklyTreats; this is one busy motherfucker from the south of England.

Manager’s note: Much love & thanks to Kilpatrick for helping us majorly level up the blog during the period he was with us! <3

Column: Andrew Kilpatrick Talks (review column)

Bandcamp | Weekly TreatsPxl-Bot | The Waveform Generators

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