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The Unicorn Princess Royally Reviews ‘199X’ and Interviews Spaceman Fantastiques

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Happy March, folks!

Anyone who releases music knows how tough it is to actually put an album out for the world to see (at least, that’s how I roll). There’s getting an idea, writing it, trying to create instruments that sound like how you hear them in your head. Then there’s the getting frustrated, producing, mixing, mastering, self doubt, and excitement. However, on January, 23rd, NYC based artist, Spaceman Fantastiques was able to defy any negative law that would normally convince an artist to stall on sharing their music to the world, and released two. Writing music for games, film, and for our ears, both albums own a sense of depth and storytelling with one focusing on guitar composition (From The Inside), and the other veering towards synthesizers, electronics, and chip (199X). This month, we’ll take a look at 199X and interview Spaceman Fantastiques learning more about his writing process, what brought him to NYC, and what his goals are as an artist.