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The Unicorn Princess Royally Reviews ‘High Strangeness OSV’ by Cheap Dinosaurs

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May 5th was a hell of a good day for music: Dino Lionetti of Cheap Dinosaurs released the soundtrack for WiiU/Steam game ‘High Strangeness’. ‘High Strangeness’ is perfect for any gamer who loves the creative realm of nostalgic adventures. I find that the best games of all time are ones that have a soundtrack that’s just as fun to listen to as the game is to play, and this 17-part soundtrack alone is so good and innovative that it gets me amped to play the game the second I get a chance.

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The Unicorn Princess Royally Reviews ‘Frosty Frolic’ by Robotprins

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President Hoodie sent me a copy of Robotprins’ new release through CheapBeats. I really respect Hoodie’s taste in music, and that alone would normally be enough to catch my attention.  However, Robotprins is someone I had never heard of before.  All I had to go on from was the bright cover art, with its happy blonde dude riding a snowmobile with a snowy palace in the background. Still, I’m all about finding hidden gem artists, so the mystery was enough to spark my interest. I love digging through an unknown artists’ records to see how, what, and why they create. I also hope that these reviews encourage them to keep doing what they love. (more…)

Oliver’s Redemption Ride ChipWINMix by James Landino

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Sup y’all? =) A little while back I excitedly filled everyone in about ChipWIN’s sponsorship
of Oliver Campbell & his EPIC BICYCLING ADVENTURE for health & life! In the more recent blog announcement during which the jersey art was discussed (all filled up btw!! ), reference was also made to a continuous “bicycling mix” of various high energy ChipWIN tracks spanning the different compilations to help promote his ride. And well…


And, uh… HERE IT IS!! =D

Feel free to enjoy James’ masterful mix while participating in your own health & fitness inspired adventure! ^_^ (&/or blowing stuff up, grilling & drinking on Independence Day :3 ).

And if you haven’t yet, be sure to read Oliver’s full story beyond his adventure HERE!
It’s a helluva story about a helluva guy doing a helluva thing. ENJOY!

Much \m||m/ to all,
Brandon L Hood aka “President Hoodie
Founder & Project Manager of Chiptunes = WIN

To everyone else, HAPPY FRIDAY! ;D

James Landino:
Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Facebook

Oliver Campbell:
Twitter | gofundme | Redemption Ride Fb event

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ChipWIN Sponsorship: Oliver’s Century Long Road to Redemption

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Sup y’all? =) President Hoodie here with a different type of message to relay. Recently, a really awesome first for ChipWIN happened:

ChipWIN sponsored a good friend, a fan of the project & generally epic dude in Oliver Campbell & his bicycling journey/fight for adventure, health, & LIFE.

oliver campbell bio pic

Ladies & Gentlemen, Oliver Campbell.

What exactly does this mean? Two things in particular:

(1) Expect some very familiar music to appear soon as part of a specially made “bicycling mix”  to help promote the ride!

(2) Expect some very familiar art to appear on Oliver’s
bicycling jersey for the epic trip! (customized by the always awesome Pixel Pixie Apparel & Promotions, of course!).


Howeverif you’d like to see some additional, potentially even more familiar artwork appear on the jersey (i.e. YOURS) this can happen as well! Oliver’s gofundme campaign for the July 12th 130 mile bicycle ride has not yet made its goal. There’s approximately $300 to go before it hits the mark, which in turn makes it very convenient that we have 5 numbered spots worth $60 apiece on the jersey remaining (identified in the photo below).

numbered jersey mockup

Wanna chip in and help Oliver make this epic journey of awesomeness? Fill out the contact form at the very bottom of this article and we’ll get it happening! Note: artwork/text must be “PG”, & needs to be submitted no later than the end of July 1st  for us to get the jersey ready in time.

I realize this is a unique request, but it’s for a wholly unique individual; someone who has inspired me to better take care of myself and battle the rigors of chronic pain vs allow them to lay waste to my life (Oliver’s struggle to overcome his issues directly inspired me to make life changes that are currently GREATLY HELPING me conquer my serious lower back issues). Join us in doing awesome for this awesome individual. You won’t regret it.

Much \m||m/ to all,
Brandon L Hood aka “President Hoodie
Founder & Project Manager of Chiptunes = WIN

P.S. The “President Hoodie” alias is all Oliver’s fault. At minimum, you now at least know who to blame for that inside joke. ;3

EDIT: Contact form removed because…

Oliver’s GoFundMe 
| Pixel Pixie Apparel & Promotions | Chiptunes = WIN

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Sladerfluous: ‘New Adventure’ by Tom Howe

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Intricate simplicity best describes Tom Howe’s latest 7-track release ‘New Adventure‘.

New Adventure by Tom Howe

‘New Adventure’ is the musical equivalent of “The Little Engine That Could“. The 7-tracks of Tom Howe’s latest album does a lot with a little, coming together for a solid collection that illustrates Tom’s creative progression since his release of several singles to Bandcamp in September of 2012. Check out “Semi-Mandatory Sorta Synthpop Edition” for a taste of Tom Howe’s electronic offerings!

There’s appeal in the lo-fi pseudo-grunge bass tones that serve as the foundation for the tracks album-wide, lifting ‘New Adventure’ up beyond the crisp, paint-by-numbers trap chiptune so often struggles to transcend. The music offered throughout ‘New Adventure’ has a welcome off-beat, organic composition that relishes its own experimentation and never outstays its welcome.

0~deleteHistory?” launches ‘New Adventure’ off to a hard-hitting start with that aforementioned bass and layers on a gripping synth melody. Tom’s mindful manipulation of the pan adds significant immersion and freshness to ‘New Adventure’, most notably during “1~doubt“, a track that plays well against its own expectations to hold attention.

‘New Adventure’ as a whole maintains an experimental feel that shoves against the robotic limits of lo-fi chiptune music, infusing organic composition and often counter-intuitive melodic elements with surprising, heartwarming results. ‘New Adventure’ will be a welcome addition to your collection, and will definitely make you keep watch for more from Tom Howe in the future.

Tom Howe has a large discography on his Bandcamp site of over TWO DOZEN additional albums & singles for you to peruse once ‘New Adventure’ hooks into you. “Friens“, “WTF Is LSDJ?!“, and “ok” are highly recommended.

‘New Adventure’ by Tom Howe is deceptively simple, fulfilling, a welcome surprise, and is available on Bandcamp right now for “pay-what-you-want”. Go get it.

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