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Hoodie Highlights… Alex Soborov of Tracked Records!

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Heya friends! It’s been a good few months since I’ve published a new interview here on the blog. Suffice it to say, I’ve been more than just a little busy in the interim….

Me as a kaomoji these last few months….

That said, I’ve very much missed both talking to awesome folk in and around our communities and sharing those insightful conversations with y’all. That’s why today, I’m hopping back on that interview train!

Presenting a very special guest and friend that’s I’ve been happy to have worked with in the intervening busy months, everyone welcome to the blog Alex Soborov aka Purely Grey of Tracked Records! Enjoy!

Alex Soborov aka Purely Grey


Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 7 [Tracks 11-20]

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Hey dudes and dudettes~!

Tuberz here. Rather than rant about theory and rhythms and other malarkey, Brandon thought it would be nice to get me to review some of the stellar new tracks from ‘Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 7’.

I took up the challenge with eager willingness to enjoy some tunage and I must say that I have really been taken by surprise with the sheer quality of some of this music. That’s saying something because I already thought the music would be insanely good. Without further adieu, let’s hear my ranting about other peoples’ application of music theory.

Careful or V.7 art contest winner, TinyNeenja’s, Glitch Dragon will melt more than just your face!



The Unicorn Princess Royally Reviews ‘Trashmoods’ by DELTANOYZ

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Happy August, folks!

I had the pleasure of having my musical horizons wonderfully broadened mid-August thanks to our ChipWINdex. The heat in my NYC apartment has been getting to me lately; there doesn’t seem to be enough rain to cool down the planet, and I simply desperately needed something to get my mind out of that perpetual pressure cooker. DELTANOYZ is an artist from Saint Hyacinthe, Québec, and their most recent album, ‘Trashmoods, is good enough to get you out of one. Stick around to hear a few tracks off the release; I think you’ll like it as much as I do.

Album art for ‘Trashmoods’.


The Unicorn Princess Royally Reviews ‘Reviver’ by Kris Keyser

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Happy July, peeps!

It’s amazing to me how much more rapidly summer pushes forward the second I start to think of how quickly it’s passing.  It’ll be August tomorrow, and for some of us, it’ll mean we are moving from the scents of slow summer mornings and freshly cut grass to clean paper and sharpened pencils.  For all us New York City folks, it just means the same routine: Escaping the smell of hot garbage to find refuge in tiny apartments where even DMGs seem too big.  No matter where you are, though, we have all been graced with the return of 8bitpeoples, hosting Kris Keyser’s new release, ‘Reviver’.



The Unicorn Princess Royally Reviews ‘The Mountain Is Hollow’ and Interviews little-scale

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Happy April, everyone!

This month on the Blog, I wanted to review a beautiful album written by Australia-based artist and technologist, little-scale. Created by using modular synthesizers, this album works with a niche form of sound design well known to those into various forms of synthesis. I had the opportunity to talk to little-scale this month and it was my mission to get their take on why moving from Gameboys to modular is so appealing, while sharing the specific modules used during the performance of this album.

The world of modular is super in depth, hectic, and beautifully chaotic. Pictured here is a Buchla 200e I grew to get to know and love a few years ago.


The Unicorn Princess Royally Reviews ‘Hue’ By MYRONE

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Happy March, folks!

Spring marches forward and the month is quickly coming to an end. Between the extra hour, change of sunlight, and good music, I’m feeling pretty good. This month, I wanted to share an album with the ChipWIN community that was brought to my attention by President Hoodie called ‘Hue’, by MYRONE.  While the album is not chiptune, anyone into tracker programming can easily appreciate programmed synths and acknowledge the time spent in recording, mixing, and playing instruments, especially guitar.

Cover art for MYRONE’s ‘Hue’