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Aydan Appreciates: ‘Rikki & Vikki OST’ by RushJet1

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From my earliest days on FlashFlashRevolution in 2008, I was intimately familiar with a few of RushJet1’s compositions. ‘Almost There’ and ‘Fighting for Control’ are two pieces that I remember fondly as two of my favorite files in the game, and his complicated rhythms and use of numerous melodic voices gave me a deeper appreciation for the finer things in chipmusic before I was fully aware of the genre and community. Just after Christmas Day of 2018, a game called ‘Rikki & Vikki’ was released with modest, yet positive, acclaim. ‘Rikki & Vikki’ is a puzzle-platformer that can be played alone or cooperatively, and is highly reminiscent of the ‘Mega Man’ series, with each puzzle taking place on a single screen. In addition to its lovable visual aesthetic, RushJet1’s soundtrack perfectly complements the game and stands alone as a marvelous example of chipmusic done well. Let’s dive in!